XLM shaping up perfectly for a quick pullback before next surge

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
Please see chart.
交易進行: One thing I notice is that XLM's 2nd wick of the tweezer is usually higher than the first before the temp. reversal. By this indication it looks like it might test 1.0 before heading to support then onto the next level. Also, BTC looks to be testing $10,500 then possibly $10,000 in the coming hours which would put selling pressure on XLM to harvest profits until BTC reverses.
I think that happened earlier today, when the market dived, and you may be late to the party. Just my take.
Regera Inspirar
@Inspirar, Chart is current. Most of my projections call the shot well in advance so people can plan ahead so they know what needs to be sold/set aside if it happens. I have XLM and am not selling any of it. I'm simply providing a potential opportunity to enter/reload before it goes to next wave. It's possible it goes straight up. It's also possible it reverses off of the 1 and heads back to support before resuming itsupward trend. I don't think BTC is done trying to drop below 10k and each time it tries, it'll be likely XLM drops to support before going higher.
@Regera, love the confidence. I really like what Stellar is doing...where do you see it going this year?
Regera cryptomix415
@cryptomix415, I'm not gifted or skilled enough to make long term projections. Most if not all of my charts are mostly swing trades as that's my main strategy. Everyone loves hearing about a 10x story but I don't have the patience to sit around while it bounces around until it finally makes it (if it even makes it). While that's happening I shoot for mostly <21 day trades that net 25-100% with good reward/risk ratios. By the end of the year those who have 10x and 20x stories get to tell them and I've done the same or maybe a little less myself but with greater control and confidence in getting those returns. If I had to give you my best guess, I'd say 3-5x. I believe XLM will outperform XRP this year and everyone smarter than me believes XRP will be worth over $3.50 by year's end so... XLM has to at least 3x right? Best wishes moving forward.
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