Stellar Lumens possible correction ahead

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
Another quick idea. This is a quick, very-short-term play. It appears that each impulse wave manages about 2x extension, which means corrective waves may be ahead.

Weekly EMA will probably provide enough support for the next round of craze.
評論: Doesn't really want to correct, does it?
評論: Now it's finally correcting. My guess is that somewhere around 0.00004 would be a target. But better to wait for the confirmation of a reversal pattern / signal.
評論: It possibly has dropped enough, but still hasn't reversed yet. May stay here for a while. I think the market is in indecision.
評論: New pump may have started
評論: That's unfortunate. Right after I got in bitcoin started pumping...
評論: update
Time to stay with/buy XLM, or leave some at ETH for these days?
DrJLT haraop
@haraop, I think leave some eth. But that's my personal opinion. I have some xlm bought at the inopportune moment that I need to hold
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Yeah, I think a 32% correction (i.e. from 92 to 62 on the STRUSDT chart) is enough and it looks to me like a reversal for the last 12 hours now from the bottom with everything moving the trend back upwards with higher highs and higher lows. Sure looks like it to me, albeit this movement is much slower than the last week's Stellar rise, as people still seem a bit to be deciding if that was bottom or not.
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Your thoughts on weather we will see an uptrend to 7k possibly? maybe long term?
0.00004623 as i read this 24hrs later, nice
First, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I'm very new to this and trying to learn as much as possible. When you say this is a very short term play, what do you mean by that?
DrJLT dmentzer555
@dmentzer555, short-term wave count, I think that's what I meant. I was fomo-ing hard & wanted to see whether to get some. I only looked at the very-short-term. didn't buy :)
@DrJLT, thanks for reply. I know what you mean about fomoing. I really need to work on that. lol.
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It’s difficult to say right now, but on binance we could still have a break-out upwards in my eyes... Correction is not clear...
Whats your opinion...?
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