XLM bullish scenario - 4.5K+

BINANCE:XLMBTC   Stellar Lumens / Bitcoin
This rise in XLM was definitely a breakout towards a new pattern.

As you can see whenever XLM hits a double top there will be usually a moment of downwards movement
The first two circles are more accurate then the last two (more recently)
At the third circle we see another wave down, but a small one.
I expect another small dip coming days, hopefully towards point (1=3355 satoshi).
Point (1) is a important indicator if XLM will stay bullish the coming days. If it holds then I see a small rise towards (2=3500/3557)

Eventually break through the red cloud: 4700+ satoshi

Forming a cup for a potential Cup and Handle

If XLM won't hold 3355 satoshi, I see another support level around ~3100 satoshi

Max bottom around 2700 satoshi if things escalate badly
There's an inverse H&S starting from 26/02 as well. The neckline was broken a few hours ago. Definitely bullish.
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