XLM - The Drought is Over! #XLM #Stellar

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
Stellar Lumens will be illuminated by the sun for a nice breakout here in the near future.

And on the 5th Cycle
BK said:
"Let there be profits."

And the skies opened.

And green candles followed.

And this was good.

Peace & Love
評論: Medium Term consolidation right at the 1.6 - expect a breakout soon to continue this strong pattern going into the warm weather here in the USA. Looks like the sun is heating up the charts!
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Awesome work BK... I just loaded up on XLM
Love their project and team behind Stella.
awesome kelly!!!
Is btc keeping alts down again and affecting movement. I see your time frame is by year end, but btc with cme in december could drive its price up further. With that said i am long with xlm but just wondering if year end target will happen.
Wow. Beautiful chart.!
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"Let there be profits."
:D :D :D

thanks BK
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@bdkelly1203 you are the second person to recommend xlm - did you hear some news about this - did they just sign some deal with some companies?
How long do you think it will take - will it be quick or a week(s)?
Thanks BK!!
rivercrypto ssam1963
@ssam1963, keep an eye on singapore central bank and XML.

1 - recent article on singapore central bank using blockchain tech in future. Mentions IBM and its successful Proof of Concept with Deutsche Bank, HSBC and others.

2 - article last month stating IBM is getting into blockchain teck with Lumens.
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Weeks is still quick in any investment world...

I'm expecting double from here within weeks. 4-8x in 2-4 months.
Hope this helps you make money!!
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hazza98 bdkelly1203
@bdkelly1203, thank you boss
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