XLM and XRP are strong buys before the new year.

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With XRP and XLM both being non- proof of stake and non- proof of work, they are not mined. All of the coins for both are already in existence. One (XRP) is already set up for the Banking industry, and the other is setting itself up to cater to everyone else. While the amount of coins for both are 100Bn and that tends to put some people off, both take a different stance on fees.
The fees collected per transaction for XRP are destroyed after the completion of the trade. The fees collected per transaction for XLM are redistributed to holders of XLM (as long as it is in your wallet). Both coins are gaining traction in their respective corners and both are built on the same platform. Both have large backers and clients with names like IBM , Microsoft , and AMEX to name a few. I say both are good for a long term hodl but if I had to bet on one or the other it would be XLM . I believe the use case is stronger and while banks are big and have lots of resources, nobody likes a banker and part of the draw to investing in cryptos is the allure of doing away with them altogether.

I have no background in finance and know almost nothing but what I've learned in the last month. Please do your own research. This is my first "Public Idea" and if you like it, please contribute to my Rep. I'm not attempting to be an authority, I'd just like to be able to ask questions in public chat. Thank you for reading and I'm sorry if you feel I've wasted your time.

交易進行: Just wanted to add that the chart was what I had a question about... I couldn't ask the question because I don't have a Rep. It has little to do with my idea except that I'm trying to learn the technical side of trading.
Thanks it was actually helpful the way that you described the key differences of xlm and xrp.
Please post more often.
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hi, do you think that XML reaches 0.5 in the next few days?
wifipci wifipci
@i'm sorry, XLM i meant.
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