BITTREX:XLMUSD   Lumen / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hello Traders!

I'll keep this short and sweet today with my first ever XLM USD TA.
We can clearly see XLM trading in an ascending channel since the bottom of the dip! We have however been running into
some overhead resistance around the $.42 resistance line forcing us into the tip of several trends and the overall symmetrical triangle from the ATH we've clearly been trading inside of. Within the next 24 hours I expect XLM to be forced up the trend line causing an explosive rally with profits to be made. It will be interesting to see if there's enough attention to force us above the trend channel resistance line and allowing us to reach back into the higher support lines seen in the graph or if we continue bouncing within the channel. Though a break down is technically possible, I see no evidence for this to be the case unless somehow the rallying BTC manages to steal the show from XLM yet again! Watch closely! XLM may have quite the show in for us very soon!

Good luck out there everyone! Please don't trade on my advice alone. I'm here learning with all the rest of you and look forward to your constructive critique!