Monero Ready to Make a Move! (XMR/BTC)

BITFINEX:XMRBTC   Monero / Bitcoin
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Monero is nearing the apex of this contracting triangle, I'm leaning more towards a bullish outcome, maybe 60% bullish , 40% bearish .

If XMR break up, then we should be hitting a new ATH , with a potential target of 0.042 BTC .

If XMR breaks down sharply, then it's a possibility that the cycle might be over. This would be a great shorting opportunity! All the way down to a potential bottom of around 0.012 BTC .

This is not trading advice. I would love to know what you think, please leave a comment below with your thoughts!
評論: XMR Broke above resistance, probability did its thing.

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Great call dave
davec83 achafins1
@achafins1, thanks!
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