Moonero: The Real Pump Is Still To Come!

BITTREX:XMRBTC   Monero / Bitcoin
Today Monero brokeout of a massive pennant and spiked up to 0.0262, which very impressive, but not unprecedented. In fact, if we look back to August we see a similar spike to 0.0318 to test the heights, before coming way down for a few days and then skyrocketing again.

I believe we are gearing up for another, even bigger pump soon. I believe this for a number of reasons:

1. The RSI is very strong.
2. MACD is bullish .
3. Stoch allows for more growth on the 1d chart, but consolidation is also likely.
4. Ichimoku is bullish (not displayed here due to clutter).
5. If we look at the last pump there is insane volume , which we have even gotten close to yet.
6. This is a much more sustained period of growth. Last time it was roughly 2 weeks from bottom to top and then the beginning of the decent. This time it has been a sustained growth for over a month.
7. Monero is just a super solid coin with a lot of inherent value.

I recommend accumulating during the dips and hold for a few months. Thank me later. Also look at my previous Monero charts, I've been on the money a lot of the time!

PM me for entries, targets and custom charts
評論: Interesting
評論: Call me a dreamer
評論: If this holds it will be the highway to the next pump
評論: Hope you were patient :)
交易進行: BAM. Real pump incoming!
i love moonero too
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Time frame idea?
Brisben wybrands
@wybrands, No idea yet. Not enough data
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