BITFINEX:XMRBTC   Monero / Bitcoin
XMRBTC in the inverted ascending wedge
14 March 2018 HardFork
Monero will fork into a new private coin : MonveroV. Every XMR holder at the snapshot will get XMV . Ratio is 1 XMR : 10
交易進行: To the demand!
It's not a new privacy-coin, it's a total moneygrab. The way they implement the hardfork could even be harmful for privacy on both chains. More in depth analysis and circumstantial evidence that the moneroV-devs don't give a sh*t about privacy:
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@TraderT33, I am not said/announce about characteristic of this new coin.
TraderT33 PeacefulWarrior
@PeacefulWarrior, I know man, no problem... Just wanted to show the evidence here that it's a pure moneygrab and people shouldn't be buying into it...

thanks for your analysis!

best regards
@TraderT33, Okey. U too!
prep16505 TraderT33
@TraderT33, Buy Verge?
TraderT33 prep16505
@prep16505, whut now? Verge is not a privacy coin... it's bitcoin behind tor with stealth addresses... Verge has a rich list...
I can't believe there are people who will input their key into some scam coin wallet.
mobileur Throwaway_Money_SSS
@Throwaway_Money_SSS, you can send your coins into another wallet and send the first key without problem (no risk).
tficharmers mobileur
@mobileur, Can you provide a source for the process you describe? What is a "first key"? What is the "another wallet" called? As far as I understand it, the MoneroV wallet's source code has not been released yet and allegedly will only be released at the time of the fork. Putting your Monero private keys into a source unverified, 3rd party wallet, where the MoneroV devs are all anonymous, is incredibly naive.
TheCryptoProdigy tficharmers
@tficharmers, What mobileur means is that after the fork you can send your monero to another wallet and then you can collect your MoneroV with the private key of the wallet that no longer holds any coins. If it is a scam they will have your private keys but there won't be anything in the wallet for them to steal.
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