Selling XMR/USD, 4H, second attempt

The trade setup that I suggested yesterday, didn't work out exactly as I expected, but that's just the part of trading.
I am suggesting to have another go to short XMR now and target 350, 320 and even 300 USD mark.
If this doesn't happen then I would stay off this pair for a while.
target 300 ? get rekt baby because wallet is comming out this week
ArmandsTrencis TahirKhan2a
@TahirKhan2a, send me a link to where it says about that wallet. I can not find any info on it on the web.What's the name of the wallet?
TahirKhan2a ArmandsTrencis
@ArmandsTrencis, is about to released.. it is already sent to ios market for is the update...
ArmandsTrencis TahirKhan2a
@TahirKhan2a, I checked the links and I see that the XWallet is already released, but is waiting to be published. However, I don't see the date.
Don't you think that there will be a dip before the price goes up? Just to get a better price?
In normal circumstances, this sort of event should push the price higher, but it is not following this logic.
I think the problem is also that money is flowing out of the market at the moment.
I think that you will need someone BIG enough to intervene, that is why I am assuming that the price will go down.
If it goes below 350 USD, then it will likely hit 300 USD as well.
TahirKhan2a ArmandsTrencis
@ArmandsTrencis, You seem to be trading with personally want monero to go down that is why you are trading that way
ArmandsTrencis TahirKhan2a
@TahirKhan2a, completely opposite :D
I want it to go up, but I just trade what I see.
TahirKhan2a ArmandsTrencis
@ArmandsTrencis, you still think a 300 is comming by looking at 4h chart ? LOL
ArmandsTrencis TahirKhan2a
@TahirKhan2a, It went to as low as 311.50
If the whole market goes up then XMR will go up as well, if not then surely you will see 300 as well.
To me, it looks that there is a manipulative sell-off across the board to get a better price.
ArmandsTrencis TahirKhan2a
@TahirKhan2a, Hopefully, it will be the same this year :D
I read somewhere that it is because the Wall Street get their bonuses at this time of the year.
Normally from 15-17 Jan.
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