Monero Short Term Trade

The price bounced from the uptrend line and moved upward. If the market can break 92.50 resistance level and pass through the cloud, it will be a confirmation of further upward movement. We can buy based on a breakout signal. Pending orders should be at 94.05 with stop orders at 86.80 level. Profit target is 102.00 level. This is a short term trade, but a part of volume can be left for reaching higher targets.
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Spot on! Thank you for the analysis, really impressive!
Bulls eye! Nice one mate!
@DLavrov just out of curiosity, what would you in general consider short term? days or rather 2 weeks?
Monero is undervalued. The real price is 300-500 $
it`s right however if BTC move downward all cryptocurrencys fall toghether
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