Monero Is Manipulated

Monero is yet a currency of annoymity, botnets, crime, pump and dump.

Alphabay who once pushed Monero up closed expectedly. Exactly 365 days later monero pumped again.

We have to assume crypto bubble is very near to burst all together. It may only go up shortly if bitcoin crashes first. And more if X million $ get stolen somewhere again then annoymity coins may go up i assume

Bithumb's Monero Annoucement
it seemed to be august 25 4pm (so passed)
( )

but now it seems to be "Listing day of Monero ~ August 30, 2017 (Sun) Midnight"

Bithumb doesnt seem to be searched much at all in the world

Only within korea it reaches up to 25% the search volume of Poloniex
But in total the trading activity may only be 9%

The volume may be fake.
評論: (and the latest global search volume for Bithumb may be caused by the monero Pump, not the other way around.)
評論: dont got for a big short too soon/too easily. Yes, they may again do both: Short squeezd and long squeeze afterwards. Expect both. Rely on none.
onero may belongs above ethereum classic and is active on github. Yet all crypto bubble may burst. And annoymity preference may have a harder time to find acceptance. Zcash is not cheaper considering total, final amount of coins. More/new methodes for annoymous transaction will be added or form new currencies
Compare bytecoin to monero, the story is weird, is it active and relevant enough just because it is the (premined) original? $250 million is something isnt?
評論: If there are big loyal players or Monero holders out there, let us appeal to them to post their sell walls.

You dont need to take risk for your wall. But just give your voice.
It can be at $201 or what ever you think think will either not happen - or be the perfect lucky price for you.

However just a few hands full of people can really tame the market and reduce the squeeze/hysteria
評論: because if there is a big wall, even one $50 or $100 away then gamblers already must see/admit deals leave more room for hope then simply running against wall.
評論: **other deals leave more room for hope than simply running against walls
評論: serious holders are usually not afraid to sell when the time is right. Especially when you have been holding for 1,2,3 years. You would now rationally sell a major portion. Even if it for just a few days or weeks. Wouldnt you do that? And you would not support insane pumps since you would not want to harm the currencies future reputation. (If Monero went to this price slowly. Many month it would be more impressive than what happend triggered by exchange news hysteria.)
評論: Also - just in case you didnt notice....
August 30 is not a sunday! Good joke!
Still holding your short before 100 USD?
fineregex Prometheus777
@Prometheus777, you cant await the liqudations? What if people in the monero richlist 500 share my opinion and come to sell portions increasingly?
how many billions are you prepared to pump?
Good to see you guys going short, I hope more join want to see XMR finally over 100 USD where it belongs. :)
Poloniex's owner should be criminally charged for what transpired with Monero this evening. It wasn't simply pumped. My stop loss order was ignored and then another "all hope is lost" stop loss order was executed while the highest ask was way, way above my stop limit. Also, sell orders were being executed on Poloniex for prices way, way above the market price. For example, when Monero dropped to $95 sell orders were being executed for $100+. This could ONLY be done by people working within Poloniex. If any of us had the ability to sell at any price we chose regardless of the market, we wouldn't need charts!
@guppy_, Sorry to hear! Poloniex most common answer to stop loss orders is "transaction failed"-popup or no sufficient margin (even when you just want to shrink your position)
@guppy_, man I might stay away from poloniex but I don't know that bitfinex is any better. This exchanges are wild regardless.
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