Ripple Possible Head And Shoulder

BITTREX:XRPBTC   瑞波幣 / 比特幣
First of all if you have been following my ripple charts, 2 $ dollar was my target. I didnt re invest since then. So this is a neutral strategy.

-Coinbase isnt adding ripple
This news has a strong effect on ripples price which supports Head and Shoulder
-Ripple announced that big companies are gonna use ripple tech 2018
The next bullrun will start when the big companies are announced

Head and Shoulders:

Shape : After an upward price trend, the formation appears as three bumps, the center one is the
tallest, resembling a bust.
Symmetry : The two shoulders appear at about the same price level. Distance from the shoulders to the
head is approximately the same. There can be wide variation in the formation’s appearance,
but symmetry is usually a good clue to the veracity of the formation.
Volume : Highest on the left shoulder, followed by the head. The right shoulder shows the lowest volume
of the three peaks.
Neckline: Connects the lows of the two troughs between the three peaks. The line can slope up or down.
Often used as a trigger point (to buy or sell) once price pierces the line.
Downward breakout : Once price pierces the neckline, it may pull back briefly, then continue moving down.

good luck. ill update when im buying

評論: below the neckline, if it should go lower 0.618 is the support/demand zone
@planabcfailed Has Moneygram changed direction?
you are great!
Great analysis.. Thanks indeed
thank you!
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