XRP - A Journey to #1 in MarketCap

Bitcoin is still growing but competition is getting tighter and tougher with the triplet Ripple, Stellar and BitShares. Drapple is here to take XRP to Andromeda and beat Bitcoin along the way. Bankster will take the lead, at least temporarily.

Entry: 18000 - 21000.
TP1: 34000.
TP2: 40000.
Stop-loss: 17000.
R/R: 1:20.

Song for the ride:

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Good luck!

Disclaimer: As usual, this is not a perfect prediction. Don't put all of your money into it. If you don't know how much to put, you can learn how to hedge properly by using common sense and a search engine. I will be posting some updates as I have been doing in my previous posts, but if you want live updates, check out my signature and join my Telegram Group.
評論: I'm starting to think XRP could go down to 15500. If the stop-loss is triggered. Buy back in at 15500. I don't see a lower bottom than that one.
評論: Yeah, this is falling for sure. Volume is moving to STR. I recommend to sell and buy back between 15000-15500.
交易進行: If you bought back at 15500, this could be a good moment to sell. It does look like it could go down to 9600 or so, so better get out of this trade until the bullish tendency is confirmed again.
評論: I think money will flow out of XRP and into STR.
評論: There could be a trend reversal to continue the bullish tendency. Keep an eye on it though.
交易進行: XRP bounced on the 15500 resistance and it looks like the bullish trend continuation is on foot. I would wait and confirm before getting in again. This could be a bull trap and the ascending channel could be about to be broken down.

評論: If it keeps going up next target is 24000 and then 30000.
交易進行: Retraced a bit but this could be a proper bounce. Still keeping an eye on it.

交易進行: XRP back at the bottom of the channel. If it properly bounces, expect the bullish tendency to continue. If it fails, target is at 9600.

交易進行: XRP going to decide soon if it goes north or south. If it heads north and breaks the triangle, buy the breakout.

評論: XRP went down and bottomed at 10500. If it goes up once more, we're back to being bullish.
交易進行: Dumped to 9600 as I expected. I doubt this is the bottom. I sold at stop-loss and will only buy back in once the bottom is confirmed. It could go as low as 6400 though.
評論: I still think it's going to 6400.
any updates on xrp ripple , am waiting for it hit 78 fib . any new ideas
@asam, just updated.
paulto CoinMajesty
@jsburgos, no way. bagholders will kill themselves
@paulto, Agreed. Just jumped off a bridge.
Tarik1979 CoinMajesty
@jsburgos, so you still think the bottom is not reached?
I think you smoke marijuana
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"up once more" sounds accurately, like the last time it went up for this bubble was now.

why would it make you think of up trend?

xrp and str go up much today and tomorrow, going to TP1 or TP2 big, confirmed.
fineregex anotapreta
@anotapreta, ........
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this time you drew the monster looking too friendly. Why make yourself guilty
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