XRP BTC to breakout to the 220 level

Once this consolidation has no more steam left, this trains turns into a rocket. All aboard the rocket train!
Can someone answer a question for me? I just found a much better app than blockfolio called "Coinstats " you can link it with api key and I noticed it has Ripple at ($2.22 /0.00016742 BTC) and Bittrex has it at ($1.89 /0.00014390 BTC) it has all my other portfolio correct just not Ripple . So I looked at coin market cap and it has it at ($2.22 / 0.00016742 BTC).

So it there just something wrong or is there a exchange that it's picking up instead of bittrex but more importantly could it just be sent out of Bittrex to wherever has it at $2.22
I've seen cases that as an example whales were pushing or dropping that you can transfer exchanges and either keep from loosing or take advantage of their higher rate.
Thanks Brad
@Brad62, My hunch is some people in the know accidentally drove the price up on one of the exchanges, in anticipation for the feast. But due to low volume the arbitrage has not happened yet, nor has the actual rise across all exchanges followed yet either.
52 weeks of bull trend, ripple was stagnant for sooo long, i could see 15 dollars by the end of 2018
JonathanJuliao OfficiallyBrady
@OfficiallyBrady, try 100+
OfficiallyBrady JonathanJuliao
@JonathanJuliao, make us all millionaires, im okay with that
Makes sense, been consolidating for sometime now, as soon as the volume gets pumped, the liftoff is imminent!
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