XRP/BTC MACD Signal Change - Bullish

MACD signal change within the past 4 hours into an expanding wedge for wave 3. Perspective based solely on trend analysis shows there is further room to run. Waiting for confirmation with a brownish colored candle. This stated, lower time frame charts show bullish engulfing candles, confirming short-term market movement upward to place buys.
交易進行: There is a Strong Bullish Channel that has formed and is following the support line upward
評論: After the test to 38.2 fib level, we retested the 23.6 fib level. During this retest, a strong bullish channel has formed on XRP/BTC creeping upward and accumulation continues in the bullish move. MACD looking for a reset on the 5 minute chart. 4 hour chart still shows strong bullish MACD support.
手動結束交易: BTC is going up now
評論: Looking for reentry point once stop hunting occurs.
OKEY DUDE >>> FOLLOW! Great job predicting!
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