The Chart XRP Haters DON"T Want You To See!

just pointing out some similarities to the spring xrp pump. Obviously everyone is hoping for a CB add, and the anticipation alone could cause the price to skyrocket. notice the more prounounced levels on the current pump, likely due to the insane amounts of volume this time around. RSI also looks similar.
Target? Who knows... 30000? sure how about 30000. This isnt investment advice.

評論: PS if you trade this... pack a parachute, notice how steep and long that drop is on the other side.
This may be curve fitting a little, but it looks a little more pronounced on the bittrex chart (where i am trading). Cup and handle?
評論: Heard some spots are open at Binance, If anyone wants a referral link, here you go:
評論: Still hoping for the two more announcements Brad Garlinghouse (ripple CEO) has promised.
is it safe to buy now?
Arqen Alexirnoch
@Alexirnoch Nope. Ripple is a hold / progressive sell, not a buy. I don't understand why people even consider buying so high. Why buy Ripple here for a high risk potential 2x when you could buy something that has not pumped yet, like QASH?

E.g., I accumulated Ripple at $0.006, and I'm progressively selling it now to buy things like QASH and Blackmoon Crypto. This is how it's done.

You make money by accumulating low. You loose money (and sleep) by buying high. It's really quite simple.

Follow this strategy if you want to reliably make money.

Don't chase green unless you're an experienced swing trader with tight money management (and even then, few swing traders beat the value investors who buy low, sell high).
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VseVo Arqen
I`am 100% agree with you, sell ripple, it`s done
Good chart, well spotted on the patterns mate, have not heard about Chubb, can you enlighten me? I am holding heaps of XRP so keen to learn more of their contract partners coming up, cheers
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@StuRon, CB = Coinbase sorry for the abbreviation.
StuRon Brodie_MT
@Brodie_MT, ahh cool, no worries, yeah expecting some where around the 8th to 10th yeah?
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@StuRon, Hoping so kind of correlated my chart with it, but who knows really, they could choose not to add it or delay it a day and cause a huge dump. Or it could be a buy the rumor sell the news situation.
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i am mistakenly out of XRP now,sold at 2.8,do you think its better to come in at 2.97 or it will come down?
Brodie_MT ostadpepe
@ostadpepe, If you're playing markets you have to make your own decisions. Do your own research.
ostadpepe Brodie_MT
@Brodie_MT, so why we are sharing trading ideas?better to keep it for ourselves
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