Ripple (XRP) still in Downtrend. Sell the top!

Ripple will drop again. If you have atm, then sell and save recent profits. Ripple will continue it's downtrend through the shown channel. Entering positions are at support lines.

Have luck.
@calumon is it still inside the channel?
calumon BringSteam
@BringSteam, I might have set the channel a bit too pessimistic. Setting it a bit higher will show, that the high point atm is still in the green/blue area. What's more important is that it will develop a flag on support level around 12300. The indicators support this idea. It is overbought. I think it will continue it's downtrend in long view, though. Have luck
@calumon, Thx a lot man for the info. I hope it goes down at least to 0.00008581.

Please keep us updated if doesn't bother you :)
@calumon, it is happening now I guess.
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what do you think now that it is about matching the high again so quickly?
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calumon userbeauty
@userbeauty, I think it will build a flag with bot at 10k for a while. I think it will be similar to Jan 11th to Jan 13th.
Not so sure...hope so more up and down
why do you think it will continue the downtrend please ?
calumon karolstepnikowski
@karolstepnikowski, That's a good question. The thing this chart doesn't show atm is what happened before. When you look at the pattern of the chart from may to june 2017, you will see that the indicators behaved similarily to now. Check out MACD. It made a nice parabola. After the head and shoulders, the chart went down slowly. We have the same movement right now. We might have had some up in the last couple of minutes. But we are still in a channel. It's nothing when you look at the whole picture. From experience, there won't be enough pump to bring the course back to highs for now. It will move slowly down.
@calumon, Thank you I also assumed that it will not go up yet, i had my button on the trigger ready to buy, but then i composed myself and thought about it for a minute.

I looked it up and if I see correctly the similarity points me to assume that we are going to head down to $0.75 USD level before going back up, or as you said the 8,5 K to 6 K satoshi's
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