XRP Will Go Back UP, HODL

Descending Wedge is Clearly Visible on XRP and We are Right on LongTerm Support
So I'm Excepting a Powerful Move Up
Remember you won't lose as long as you hold
交易進行: Inverse H&S - Short Term
交易進行: Bounced Up Right on the Long Term Support

評論: Japanese banks have partnered w/ #Ripple to launch a consortium focused cross border & domestic payments.

手動結束交易: I've Closed My Long Term Position Due to: More than 95% of Correlation Between BTC and XRP
Regret to hear you pulled the trade manually. Isn't every coin tied to BTC?
Ripple may fall mildly in response to BTC, like it always does...but Ripple is expanding XRP usage beyond the finance /satoshi-citadel-industries-will-integrate-xrp-remittance-mobile-money-services/#
Have been in XRP since under a .01 sold alot recently with the last spike but XRP has a lot going forward...just saying
June 1 and the Japan Exchange go live is the trigger.... Once the buying starts they will then start announcing the news... 50+ Japan banks are now on the pilot (all the big ones too)

This week.....
tadammass tadammass

Santander was on R3 team left the group then.....

What do they know? Why would they leave R3 then with in months launch Ripple hemmmmmm.
sughra789 tadammass
@tadammass, what do you make of the ripple supply lock up? i think it is happending in June right? i guess that will cause major price change if goes through in June
tadammass sughra789

are you talking about this?

'Off the table'

To create some long-term stability and ease those concerns, Ripple announced a plan last week for the structured sale and use of its currency. By the end of 2017, the company will put 55 billion of its XRP into escrow and will unleash up to 1 billion into the market every month. Thus, investors will have some sense of what's coming.

"We decided to take the issue off the table," Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said in an interview. "We wanted to make sure we were combating any uncertainty about supply."

Garlinghouse is a well-known name in Silicon Valley. He had senior executive roles at Yahoo and AOL and was CEO of Hightail (formerly YouSendIt) from 2012 to 2014. He joined Ripple in 2015, and earlier this year took over the CEO role from founder Chris Larsen, a serial entrepreneur, who previously started online lender Prosper.

Garlinghouse likened Ripple's situation to Yahoo, which derives almost all of its current value from its large stake in China's Alibaba. (Yahoo's core business is being sold to Verizon and the Alibaba stake is being spun out into a new holding company called Altaba.)

The analogy only goes so far, as equity investors haven't ascribed a big multibillion dollar valuation to Ripple. The company last raised money in September, when the XRP currency was worth a tiny fraction of its current price.
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