Short on Ripple (XRP) overrated coin

Most people seem bullish again on XRP, but this coin is one of the most overrated ones. It goes against everything Bitcoin stands for, but most people don't know that, don't understand and probably don't even care. They just like the great stories about coins like this one, the big moves they have made in the past. And just can't except they missed the big ride.

A good stop would be if it gets above the red area

交易結束:目標達成: I have closed my short position, target reached. Will go lower for the short term, but not waiting for it
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General comment for all you guys, it's just a trade with less than 1% of my trading wallet for a few days, nothing life changing. So please don't get offended
Hahahaha good luck losing your money. Noob
Go ahead.. make sure short.. Wee you at 2/28.. I will be takign your money the whole way.. .. oh... wait.. is that you crying in your beer? lol... too funny.. Learn to trade. A trading crypto guro you are not..
sorry bro, xrp and ripple have more use cases than btc, when big banks have a problem ripple has a number they can call, btc aint got no support line

That being said I do think its headed back down, where ill be waiting to purchase whole bunches
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mmmmm dont believe you at all
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Lol banks and governments aren’t going anywhere. Get out of here with your FUD. XRP long term is just at the starting line.
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