Third touch on RIPPLE. We are back in the BULLISH move!!!

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
759 13 8
NEW flag formed. Time to BUY.

NUEVA BANDERA formada. Momento de compra.
OP if u want to use only Trend Lines for your analysis you should maybe try and drawing them in a broader, so historically further back. Also, try and come up with more positive confirmation than just the lines :)
@pashqual, This is how I trade and how it really has worked for me over the years in other markets. However, I agree that lines must be drawn from a bigger picture, but just so that you know, I don't speculate actively in cryptos. I only trade them month to month and not really upset about not buying at the perfect point as I will just hold until they hit TP. A very small amount of my portfolio is on cryptos so I don't want too much of a headache... hahah

Have an insane year and thanks for your comment. :)
@lzardoya, Thanks buddy. I started learning technicals in crypto markets. Difficult at first but once you're played into them it's nice. Will give you a headache for sure(!)

I wish you an insane year ahead aswell!
I think it needs to plateau a while to meer historic trend, but overall... yes we are going back to the bulls, AND we have MAJOR mid to long-term market signals and media positives coming at us from every angle, it's actually quite insane when comparing with other crypto-tech out there.
dukesofhazard dukesofhazard
@dukesofhazard, *** meet (typo)
lzardoya PRO dukesofhazard
@dukesofhazard, Exactly! Thanks for your opinion!
Yeah I look the looks of the last few candles
@PNUTTY, Apparently not too really relevant on cryptos.
PNUTTY PRO lzardoya
@lzardoya, how do you mean ? you mean it's better not to look at hourly candles and just focus on day ?

Like your charts by the way. You inspire me to use trend lines much more.
I was about to sell :D
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