Ripple Setting up to go to the Sun!!!

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Hello Traders!

Ripple price is forming a big flag pattern which has already created its bottom. so anytime soon we can see a huge spike in ripple to its previous highs and even possibly breaking new highs. its price is at the $1 range, when it breaks out again, we may see it go up to the $3 zone again all the way up to $4 and even higher!!

no matter what, relatively ripple is going to the sun for a quick flip.

Good Luck!
交易進行: Ripple is about to take flight right now. next stop: The Sun
maybe not 2.50...though certainly 2.30-60ish min.
....i do think after looking at charts, if the price closes above $2.20, then it will surge to $2.50 ish
may go to a new high if price goes above $2.20ish ....if price bounces back more than twice then sell and buy at the bottoming out and confirmed candle confirmation of a new breakout.
wait.....the jubilation will set in when price comes up to the $2.20+ level and closes and consolidates. . .
The flag is now stretching out and up as f gathering pace.... contrary to the average flag that bow's south before breakout north.
The key tech analysis for any one looking for positive Ripple sentiment and prediction for its company and its products, is that it is in fact one massive flag pattern as David said .... The Sun, metaphorically may not be too unrealistic, given most flags are not as glamorous or nice a setup as this one and most companies cannot vouch for a fraction of the technological or fundamentals underpinning its cause . . Even if banks mainstream do not adopt ripple or XRP products, they will learn and be proactive with ripple throughout its maturing. That fact, and that they are pioneers, is enough to draw a positive evaluation and conclusion.
.. .the price action will follow an opposite trend line direction I feel as the downward one before breakout . . Joining the dots and geometry in the graph helps no-end !
To the sun we go ripple - XRP backers !
Hi Dave,
What the name of the indicator (Macd /RSI) that your using in this pic ?
Can I get it on tradingview.com by any chance or know one similar ?
I really like the graphical illustration with that one . .
So better stay in watch. He is almost to break the dowtrend.
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