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Hi Guys,

If you review my previous idea "Ripple (XRP) will NOT be completing a H&S pattern which quickly made me eat those words when the market erratically started falling, you will see the clear completion of the H&S pattern targeting $0.92. Reviewing the chart again on the 4h scale, we can see what could be a bear flag only to be confirmed as a bearflag as a rising wedge . Notice how the pole height when projected from my projected end of the wedge affirms my H&S target of $0.92

Now, with that said, $0.92 should hold as a good buy in point but with the strange and largely inexplicable crypto dump we saw yesterday ( and by inexplicable I mean, Large financial institutions, hedge funds, Futures etc... looking to take candy from us babies), I wouldn't be surprised if we go down even further.

Be careful guys because this short term bull trend we are seeing now is what I believe is refereed to as a BULL TRAP. Its here where they hold us by the legs, with our legs down and shake out whatever may be left in our pockets. Do not let them screw us out of our very hard earned dollars and sleepless nights. Do not fight the trend. Like my good friend @MagicPoopCannon always says. The trend is your friend. dont fight it...

Ripple is a very strong coin and all this shake up will eventually end and I am sure we will see all time high very soon.

Good luck and remember this is not trading advice, just my opinions so trade carefully.
評論: Target within reach...

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