The Past, The Present, The Future!

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
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This is the current extension of previous charts.
The base is so far down from where we are now that it cannot be shown on trading view.

What you can see is the MA (5), the MA (8) and the MA (13)
The shortest indicator being the (5 Day) MA - is reversing.
This is an indicator of the reversal - going up now of XRP.

May the fortunes be with you all!
Happy Trading.
評論: THAT BLACK ARROW should be more to the right " pointing at the upward slop of the deep blue line. (MA 5). This is going to help me sleep tonight!
So price should break according the the Ma 5 now reversing,above the newly formed flag (4 hr or 1hr chart) now for a bull run. If so, to where do you think is first stop is... ?
WizardOfRealms krisso9876
@krisso9876, I honestly don't know.
I follow the 1 Day chart and take all other charts into consideration.

The 4 hour chart looks very promising.
XRP is in the middle of the cloud moving sideways...

Looking at the 4 hr. chart, I can see "The green Ichimoku cloud."
It starts on: January 26th and I can only see it to 11am.
It starts at 3am. "The Cross Over."

The timing is between:
between January 23rd @ 11pm - Jan 26th (when it turns green) at 3am.
While I am looking at the chart all day as I work from home...
it would be better for me not to until Jan. 26th.... because of the ups and downs.

The top Bollinger Band is currently @ $3.12676 on the 1 day chart and it fluctuates very little.
My rule is for the 1 day chart.
As XRP rises, it pushes the top Bollinger Band - Keep riding it...
Once XRP is no longer pushing the Bollinger band but "inside the top Bollinger Band" I wait for further confirmation as while red, it could turn green.
If it is red on the first day "after close" it is reversing.
I'll set my sell order @ the previous RED Bars high and wait to capture XRP back once it touches or barely nearly touches the bottom Bollinger Band.

I do not like trying to capture anything in the middle as it fake you out and go either way causing you to lose coins chasing the ups and downs.

My minimum expectation based on this is: $3.12
However... expectations are higher.

Those who project further out say: $4.00 +
Some show: $5.00 plus

I estimate $5.76 to $6.22
Setting my sell order for $5.76 currently and modifying it as we get closer.

The last run = 23 days up and 13 days down.

I suspect we may have around 18 more days to a new ALL TIME HIGH.
Possibly February 9th.

Stay Tuned.

The Wiz.

WizardOfRealms WizardOfRealms
@krisso9876 - keep in mind RIPPLE was selling on average 300 million coins each month before contract.
Now, up to 1 billion can be released each month (at the prevailing rate.) So, I believe it has to go up once each month and go down once each month (on average) for profit taking going forward.
23 days + 13 days = 1 month and 6 days on average per round trip (in my opinion.)

The bots can change that on a moments notice!
This is why I look at the one day chart.
This allows you to look at the chart once a day and know ... it may go up, it may go down...
But, I don't care.

It is the only alt coin I'll invest in.
I'm in it for life.

Buy on lower Bollinger band - Sell after confirmation "inside" the Top Bollinger band.
Confirmation means... 2 red bars... = 2 days down "inside of the top Bollinger Band."
Some will wait for the third Bollinger Band confirmation...

This is the one I actually recommend.
3 red bars inside - sell

The Wiz
WizardOfRealms WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, Correction @krisso9876 Around Feb 19th all time high...
Thanks for the heads up wizard !
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