Yes !!! Bottom of XRP was yesterday !!!

BITTREX:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
We are going to XRP planet now !!! See u There !!!!
Obvious ...
ahahahaha....Sorry guys ! it was like a test-joke-first publishing stuff...that yes I should delete..
This site is great and you all guys making some good stuff everyday.
I do respect tech analysis and tech analysis "experts". I do remember listening for hours Bollinger and others for hours back in London and Paris 20 years ago when i started equity derivatives..
Still i remenber the test with a buy button and a sell button provided to a financial analyst, a little girl of 7 years old, and a monkey. At the same time on the same asset. Remember the outcome ?? ;)
Still we are in a parabolic trend on crypto. Supplied is limited. True value is in Bitcoin and forks, and few others. XRP is One of them. So this Spoutnik, euhhhh Ariane 6... spaceship is just a parabol also on the big picture. 1 then 2 then 3 years.
Only force against this is, as always, manipulation. We know already how they manipulate GOLD price for more than 40 years now...
You all take care
And your spaceship clarify a lot you analysis, it looks like you know what your talking about
Are you sure? please this sensationalist post should be deleted, the movement haven been confirmed until we pass 1.75. Seems thats not gonna happened so we are heeding to .55
WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!..........................BULLTRAP
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