BITTREX:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Self explanatory... will add more later... sorry for lack of time to share my idea. More of an add on from my previous chart, should be linked.
交易進行: Saw the opportunity to increase my position in xrp yesterday when it was at $.86 cents. Made this drawing b/c I started to see a pattern once it dug out of the hole. To fully break the down trend I believe xrp has to break $1.80 mark again, then follow a small pullback/profit takers. After that move xrp must then break the psychological $2 barrier again. Followed immediately by testing that big $2.10 resistance from last time. If the volume is there I believe this time around it could do just that only time will tell. As of now the RSI is still above 50 on the 4hr chart and the MACD just made a nice bull cross.
With the Chinese new year making all the markets bloody I think this is the road to recovery for XRP.
Barring any big news I believe it should follow this wave form again. Days might be slightly off as this was a quick drawing.
This coin has a ton of scalability and real world use. I would not be surprised if it shot up more than this at all.
評論: Look for the pullbacks to increase your positions!
評論: As always keep an eye on BTC. Even though this coin has great potential it hasn't broke away from BTC yet. If btc drops just follow closely and buy the dips and ride the waves up! Eventually it will show it's strength and independence from BTC.

Happy trading. And of course #hold !!!!
I have the same thoughts over XRP, but, I have a potential ATM of $5.5 - $6.0 for 3th Wave, not my greed, let me explain u why.

- Fibo extensions put 1.618 level at $6.0, of course it doesn´t have to exactly touch it but somewhere around there is extremely posible. Remember that 3 wave of a cycle must reach somewhere near the 1.618 extension, it happens 75% of the time. if we want to be more conservative, we could set it up at $5.0

- Thinking in this uptrend as the 3 Wave of the cycle, the price will have to give the trend a very decent space for the correction of Wave 4, remember the correction must reach at least 38%-40% of the uptrend and could extend as much as 78%, as happened with the last correction (Wave 2), and considering that Wave 4 can´t land inside Wave 1 space, it will have to have more space to breath in the correction.

Good trading :)
@Pepe0722, I like your reasoning and I like your idea. I do remember that, however I was basing it off of the market psychology and the mental barriers that may impact xrp's value. typically when it climbs higher in price market psychology gets battled a lot by FUD and other fake news. I tried to factor that in there and be very conservative keeping that in mind. I did not forget how the Elliot waves were supposed to escalate. I do like your response, and thanks for the constructive criticism. I only didn't include big positive news either.
Pepe0722 JoeySparkz17
@JoeySparkz17, Sure, FUD can always change market direction for a while. I think your scenario is very probably to be achieved, lets see what happens. Hope u do some good profit on this.

You are welcome, its always good to see analysis based on TA, fundamentals and market psychology, and not only pure speculation, as much people do it.

Good luck ;).
@Pepe0722, Thanks! I also appreciated your input as well. I usually try to account for some market psychology and TA for sure.
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