Ripple #XRPBTC - end of correction? rocket gains ahead?

The Ripple XRPBTC cryptocurrency made a nice correction of three waves back to the level of the previous wave four of a lesser degree with (a) = (c) equal legs and a stroke of exactly 1.61 level (in line with previous expectations). This is really a perfect configuration in the Elliott wave theory and exactly what we are looking for in trading setups. Currently, cryptotraders must wait for confirmation of the lows, which will come with a break of the channel's resistance line (around 2.40) and make sure the price will make a break above 2.80, (impulsive up trend resumption level) which would confirm that Ripple is returning to an up trend.
If Ripple goes below 1.60 for any reason, a new wave scenario will be needed.
交易進行: A marginal new low was made, but nevermind this: #XRP is going higher after Brad Garlinghouse tweet, that #XRP will be used in MoneyGram payment flows! Up up up we go!
交易進行: Price hit the channel upper line, but no new low was made yet. Still unfold nicely, but needs to break out of the channel. Patience.
交易進行: Let's break out the channel, shall we?
2.25 is the key level.
評論: Correction done?
評論: At the 61% Fibo support at 1.19. We will see how it goes. Correction continues.
評論: $XRPUSD has completed the complex and time consuming corrective cycle in wave (4). Possible rally ahead. $RIPPLE # XRPUSD via #kryptowaluty #kryptowaluta #FaleElliotta #KrytpoTrading
交易進行: The thick green line must hold, otherwise, the impulsive cycle is invalidated. The correction is too big in time nad price already anyway.

Details on H4 chart:
評論: Ripple broke above the golden trend line and is heading towards the level of 1.0000 and then 1.3890.
hello , RSI over 70 and this xrp does not dropping why ?
What do you think of this?
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rob2093124 rob2093124
@rob2093124, Actually, that C wave might be ABC? Not ABCDE?
rob2093124 rob2093124
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@rob2093124, Not quite valid count according to the EWP. The first one was better. :)
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rob2093124 sebastian.seliga.7
@sebastian.seliga.7, Thank you, sir. Obviously learning :)
i put my hope on it
don't understand why some ppl still calling for XRP
Circle is finished. Zoom out on week/month time frame and you will see
yeah correction is done
So is it a time to buy, pane Sebastian?
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