[HOLD] Ripple Chart. My thoughts and Prediction.

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Some people are thinking that the price of the ripple will go down to 1,6-2.00. I myself don't think so. Not only because I haven't heard any bad news of the ripple, but also because it seems to be supported at the range of 2,45$. Yes. It wasn't added to coinsbase. Does this mean it isn't a good currencie? Did the price or volume spike harder then the days before? No. I think this crypto has great potential but has to show some news or working proof, since more and more people seem to be into ripple. When news comes out is uncertain for most of us, and is also unpredictable. But I do think ripple is catching a bigger audience and will still be growing. You might not like centralization but that doesn't mean other people do.

Now what I think will happen: I think that around in the morning to midday of 8 january the price off ripple will rise again. Where it will break its resistance and will either go up even more or stay at a price range of 3,20-3,70$.

This is my first ever chart and I'm following the cryptocurencies since October. I would love to know what you think will happen or have any tips. Goodluck
for beeing your first chart i have to give you an applaude for the good work you have done! great TA and hope you are right about this one.
MarkJansen xastunts
@xastunts, Ey, thanks bud :)
45% of the trades of market volume are made in South Korea on Bithumb exchange on KRW.
Korea has a population 6 time lower than USA. 51 mln against 320 mln. For sure will be listed on Coinbase and GDAX, they cover USA and aditional other 73 countries. When this will happen? We'll see...
MarkJansen dorelpreda
@dorelpreda, Agreed, it just wasn't the time yet.
thanks for share! I still have hope that coinbase will accept the ripple soon. I just do not have any idea about until which price the ripple might rise up in the future??
For me XRP is getting rekt soon.
MarkJansen Crypto_Rage
@Crypto_Rage, Why so ?
ghose12 MarkJansen
@MarkJansen, ripple release some million of coins it can dump huge volumes and can create panic drop..when it happens no body knows
MarkJansen ghose12
@ghose12, 55 Billion (owned by the company) has been put in escrow to be released 1B per month until it is exhausted. That XRP will likely be sold to financial institutions and should not effect price
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MarkJansen ghose12
@ghose12, So I don't think they will just drop a huge amount if it will make the price of the ripple go down.
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