Ripple Found Support After A Three-Wave Setback

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD made nice three-wave correction back to previous wave IV with (a) = (c) equal legs and hit exactly 1.60 level as we expected. This is actually perfect setup in Elliott Wave theory and exactly, what we are looking for trading opportunities. But we have to wait for confirmation, which is a break above channel resistance line and to be sure we need a break above 2.80 level, which would confirm that Ripple is back in bullish trend . If Ripple from any reason breaks lower beneath 1.60 level, then we may adjust the view.
評論: Ripple is still trading near support line and despite the fall we are still looking to bounce around this support zone, because pattern from 4th January looks corrective. Just keep in mind that we are not bullish yet! We are waiting for confirmations as said above. So, we need an impulsive leg up first, then we will looking for long opportunities.
評論: Nice bounce from support, but we are still waiting for confirmations. On a lower timeframe we want to see five waves up, which would confirm reversal.
評論: Ripple is still trading above strong support, so we still think that Ripple may see higher levels from here, at least for three waves (a)-(b)-(c) up towards 2.5 level. But as said above, if Ripple breaks above 2.8 confirmation level, then we will probably be in a third impulsive wave up towards new all-time highs.
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Any updates? Thanks
ew-forecast doctorkesh
@doctorkesh, we will publish new idea soon, but you can google us and you can find a lot more about Cryptos!
update ?
Yes, tx for the updates. I am also a follower, but the Westernunion and Moneygram news fueled the uptrend and this simply could not be predicted... unless u r an insider...?
I will keep on visiting, keep up with the good job. Tx.
@Tony_Wolf, This commentary box is not big enough I believe to make a respond to this, so only thing that I will say is 1. "believe in what you are doing", and 2. #Elliott Wave is based on crowd psychology and investors mood".

I know crypto is something new, other world of finance, different technology etc., but "Psychology of market participants" remains the same.
Tony_Wolf ew-forecast
@ew-forecast, absolutely right dude! Keep on doing your good work and regards from BG!
casstete ew-forecast
@ew-forecast, they also release news at trendline points to give it more momentum ... I have seen this on few occasions at least
Damn its actually crazy how accurate ur idea is!?! well done man u got my follow!
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