XRPUSD: bearish mode (Break below 1.56 target 1.200)

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
RSI- Bullish divergence (Over sold -22).

The pair shown a minor jump above 2 level and declined sharply from the minor high of 2.06. Ripple broken 1.60 level and near term major support is around 1.56 and any break below will drag the pair to next level till 1.1925 (233- 4H MA).

It is expected to take support at 1.20 (233- 4H MA and 55- day EMA ).

On the higher side, near term trend line resistance is around 1.9700 and pair should close above 2 level for further bullishness. Short term bullishness only above 2.50 level.
取消訂單: Not broken 1.56 showing a minor jump from the low. The pair also broken intrday high of 1.75 , a jump till 1.90/2.00 likely.
評論: Last hope for bulls 1.56. Any break below 1.56 confirm target 1
評論: go short below 1.56
評論: Broken trend line resistance 1.96.Jump till 2.40 likely.short term bullishness above 2.50
How Ripple company agreements and new deals affect the XRP Crypto?
It's not clear for me the correlation between them, since Ripple company services are not all based in XRP crypto, they are different things right?
Can anyone enlight us here please?
Moneygram is International company no one can stop Ripple now except if Bitcoin does not crash 12000 or 10000 then this could be drop ripple temperorly , if this not happen (if even this happen ripple will recover and going to his path) ripple going to 3-4 dollar range and then can be COrrection for my opinion , this is just my opinion not a trading advice i just do like that

Dont forget to make Stop Lose , because in this market everything can happen
@ribame4, i know so only gave selling below 1.56
i saw the divergence too but it is not look stop.
what bears ? i m thinking short selling is almost non existent in cryptos
bears trying to short it right now
but looking ok for now to head long
FxWirePro PRO krisso9876
@krisso9876, Yesterday the pair jumped till 10- 4H MA and shown a selling from that level. Now 10 -4H MA is around 1.920
if rejected at the trendline 1.8ish it may try 1.56 again and if it break below 1.56 then south to 1.20ish as FxWirePro said
Look for it closing above about 1.85 (down trend channel) to then go bullish to 1.96
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