Ripple is now ready for the next bull run

“Ripple will go up because of a lot of positive news like Santander’s launch of their blockchain partnership with Ripple and Apple will also use Ripple.”

Ripple, at 10:38 AM UTC was seen to be trading at $0.642 with a market capitalization of $25.149 billion. The coin has had a gain of 0.99% and it peaked at an intraday high of $0.708 at 10:30 AM UTC yesterday. Right now the coin is struggling to stay above the $0.65 mark which is crucial for the coin. Ripple ended yesterday at the price of $0.640 and right now the indicators on the hourly chart show that the coin is more likely to consolidate at this level or it may even go down. A 28.3% rally for the week was achieved by the coin with a 10.77% gain on Wednesday and a 19.24% gain on Thursday. Yesterday the coin dropped to an intraday low of $0.613 with a support of $0.541. The coin then peaked at an intraday high of $0.708 to test the day’s major resistance level at $0.703 before dropping to $0.60.
The sentiments of people from around the world say that that it was expected to happen as the hourly charts of most of the coins showed a tendency for them to consolidate. The Bitcoin dominance is slowly moving up to 42.5% as was seen at 10:27 AM UTC .

Our sentiment analysis segment provides you with sentiments of people from around the world which were gathered after having a discussion with people around the world to give you quality opinions on the current market trends. This segment is carefully structured after interviewing a group of investors, miners, skeptics, analysts, influencers and thereby framing their comments as it is
Is is better to miss 100 trades rather than facing 50% loss
I agree, furthermore,
XRP will be available on BlockBid exchange this week.
Western Union will release their app this coming week.
Revolut to add XRP by the end of April ?
majorlee non-hop
@non-hop, what exactly is WU doing with XRP?
+1 回覆
Very good comment
What are all of them doing with Xrp actually?
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majorlee Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, probably not a lot, i did read XRP have other coins they are using for certain clients

still not a keen fan of XRP and the tech but if it makes some quick bucks and the hype machine is massive, be silly not to get in
I am not a fan, but it's a solid speculative tool, and i am often eager using this tool!
majorlee Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, gotta check out if they are facts or not too, i know Santander was using some of XRP tech biut not usre if its XRP or another 'private' coin just for them and if Apple are using XRP and that is confirmed i could imagine the price going parabolic, so im not 100% on that until i see 3 good sources
Xrp use is not clear at all
Perhaps it is just used as a speculative tool for Ripple and the contract signing company, as they both will possess some Xrp and both Ripple and the signing company know that Xrp value will raise when the news of a partnership comes
svhill11 Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, I am not a great fan either but it is listed at their site. Specifically. It just takes time to read their articles and break down the differences between Xcurrent, Xrapid and Xvia and what they are doing with each vendor.
svhill11 Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, Why don't you go to the Ripple website and simple read for yourself? It is there. It is at the Western Union Website. The Santander Website, The Moneygram Website and so just takes some time. It is what savvy investors do when they want to get the jump. The dive directly into the fundamentals themselves and stop relying on third parties.
non-hop majorlee
@majorlee, I read : 'Ripple XRP testing with Western Union has been successful and the company will be going live with money transfer services in the Caribbean and Latin America in April 2018' somewhere..
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