XRP - major risk of crashing

Looking at the market depth on Bitstamp , if anyone dumps 40 millions XRP now, it will obliterate the price back down to $0.10. There are 38 billion XRP in circulation ... and a huge bearish divergence
評論: A few more details for clarity:
- first pump on the 12-14 traded up 571 millions, then a small dump of 120 millions
- second pump one week later, one day, 178 millions up then 193 millions dumped
- now, two days 32.5 millions up ... remains to be seen how many dump.

Market depth on Bitstamp: until $0.1 there are buy orders totaling 40 million XRP. Thus, a 40 million dump now, at once, will drop the price immediately to $0.1

RSI confirms with a third low in the overbought area there is simply not enough power anymore to sustain this pump
評論: Ok, so let`s watch this: ATH = $1.29980
評論: Some interesting facts today:
- most of the volume comes from South Korea - Bithumb (40% XRP/KRW) where the price spiked to $1.6. This follows the government announcement on tightening regulations on exchanges next year and as a matter of fact Bithumb has a major announcement about implementing new Terms and Conditions starting January 1st 2018.
- next is Binance with 7% (XRP/BTC) and Coinone 7% (XRP/KRW)
評論: And now the final piece of the puzzle:
What we are witnessing for the past three weeks is a major flee of crypto-capital from South Korea to "safer" places. Let me elaborate a bit:
- on December 12th there was an emergency meeting of SK regulators who discussed the imposition of stricter regulations for exchanges as well as the possibility of taxing capital gains from crypto-trading. Everyone expected the rules to be enforced then, but no ... they were only "discussed"
- two days ago SK announced the effective date for the new regulations, January 1st 2018
- this time frame matches exactly the start of the BTC "correction" when early "investors" started to close their positions and take profits. The "mass" of investors followed around Christmas and triggered the 30% decline in BTC. In the meantime, the same early "investors took advantage of the increased media coverage for Ripple and started to pump / buy XRP. All those can be verified, since Bithumb was and still is the major driver of the XRP price.
Now, to put the cherry on top, XRP will be the victim of its success, if indeed Coinbase will add support for it in early January (as the rumors have it). What this means is that all those money moved from BTC / KRW into XRP will be offloaded into the US market, taking advantage of the huge money influx that will cause.
To add to the picture, at this moment LTC price is being kept low by huge exposure to BCH through the OKex, based in Hong Kong. BCH price has seen a big pump a few days ago, followed by a massive Coinbase suspicion of inside trading.
So, it all adds up now, at least IMHO, what this is all about.
Happy trading :)
評論: Alright ... the latest developments are that XRP is being offloaded into BTC (massively through Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex) and USD through Bitfinex and Bitstamp). Of course there is still some volume with KRW, but I think they just missed the latest news (XRP in a crash course down to $0.98 - first stop). And to add to the tragedy, the daily chart starts to look like the middle finger ... very nice "drawing" :) ... Hats off to those pulling this masterpiece off
any comments now?
XRP is headed back to .68c and soon after the Koreans gets wiped out with their gambling - and that's exactly what is it - gambling. This is not a comment/knock on the XRP technology.
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NXT all over again?
Haceru opsaltd
@opsaltd, kind of ... just this one is 100 times bigger and much more media exposure; will be interesting to watch
Interesting a question please - are you still looking for XRP to crash? If so to what area? Thank you
Haceru london55555
@london55555, what I believe will be the key to this question is Coinbase. Very hard to predict but if they don`t add it and the rumors are not true, then it will big time, maybe back to $0.4-$0.5. However, if Coinbase does add it it will trigger a mass effect with a lot of buyers jumping in the wagon so that not only will cushion all the dumps but it might even drive it a little more up, to around $2. So ... let`s see ... of course this is short term, until max February and of course this is just speculation from my part - as always, don`t invest based on this :)
@Haceru, Thank you - here's why i think Coinbase may NOT take on XRP - the large coin "overhang" for lack of a better term but who knows. If they don't I agree it goes to .40c
Haceru london55555
@london55555, thank you ... here is the "Digital Asset Framework" from Coinbase, basically the "rules" a coin has to comply with in order to be listed there. There are a few that obviously are not "passable" by XRP but in the end ... those "rules" can be altered or can be interpreted, especially when it comes to sa much money to be made from commissions, new accounts, etc. We really need to see how this plays out and of course time is of utmost importance here ... if this addition will drag its feet to mid-year, the hype will be long gone.
i hope it collapse ,this coin is just not right to speak big words taking over bitcoin,go back to your 0.20 make sense for the total supply u got,sad for ppl who will loose their money ,i stop trading it after swell conference scam
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