XRP: Measured Move

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As we all know, XRP has been booming, as of late. However, with great price movement comes great retrace.

At a glance, XRP appears to be shaping up for a Measured Move. In case you do not know what a Measured Move is, here is a very simple explanation:
- A Measured Move is a three-part formation consisting of a reversal advance, correction/consolidation, and continuation advance. Long story short, this is a bullish continuation pattern.
- The first advance usually begins near the established lows of the previous decline and extends for a few weeks or many months (in this scenario, it is a few weeks). Ideally, the advance is fairly orderly and lengthy with a series of rising peaks and troughs that may form a price channel .
- After an extended advance, consolidation or correction can be expected. Since XRP's price is clearly going through "correction," we can expect retracement ranging from 33% to 67% of the previous advance. As it stands, we have already surpassed 33% with no signs of stopping at 50%, so I would aim for 67% retrace. Generally speaking, the bigger the advance, the bigger the correction.
- After calculating potential retracement targets, the next continuation advance can be calculate as: distance from the low to the high of the first advance plus (+) the low of the consolidation/retracement estimate. This will give you your target price projection for the ensuing advance.

My calculations and assumptions are as follows:
- Extended Advance low: $0.23
- Extended Advance high: $3.35
- Difference: $3.12

- 50% Retracement of first advance: $(1.56)
>> $1.79 (Buy) >> $4.91 (Sell)
- 61.80% Retracement of first advance: $(1.928)
>> $1.42 (Buy) >> TP $4.54 (Sell)
- 67% Retracement of first advance: $(2.09)
>> $1.26 (Buy) >> $4.38 (Sell)

So, there you have it, folks. The end is not upon us... yet. There is still much money to be made, and I wish you all the best of luck!

評論: XRP is following the trajectory beautifully. Price will correct to 60% retracement range over the next 24-48 hours. Possibly sooner.
So sell around the $4 marks if it gets there, got it
Looks likes we can look for higer levels again ;)

thanks sir good decision
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Your cloud paints a really nice picture and clean. What are the only parts are you using? Mine seems cluttered.
Historically this looks where the RSI and MACD made their big turns up. Thoughts?
@cpoleary, At the end of the day, investing is all about market sentiment and buy psychology. Simply put, if an investment is in the red, no one will want to buy it. At the same time, if that investment breaks below the threshold for "bargain pricing," the buy volume will pick back up and the advance will commence.
Long story short, Ripple will have a significant rebound out of this correction. Even if you buy in at 1.79 yet price dips to 1.26, you will still make a lot of $$ if price advances up to $4. Best advice: don't second guess yourself, and be patient.
Great! Can you update your analysis using last 30-min data? It seems XRP could stop its correction at this very moment.
sylviojalves sylviojalves
@sylviojalves, Humm.. not necessary..
wallstreetwise sylviojalves
@sylviojalves, If you hit the 'play' button, it will show the updated price movement. Cheers
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