Riple: XRPUSD Class emerges like cream rises

KRAKEN:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
XRPUSD Bitfinex Trading Ripple

One Alt stands out amid the little bloodbath we see across all
others, pretty much. And it's Ripple. Just cruising, man. The
dog that didn't bark if you know your Sherlock Holmes. This
gives us an almighty clue. No damn sellers. Even whilst
others crumble, holders here stand firm. So any buying from
here will create a squeeze on already unavailable 'stock' . So
if you want to be long, this is still the one. Look to buy on any dips.
Different Feeds
Bitfinex feed is way more whippy than Kraken. Look how
smooth Kraken was at the the spike low on Bitfinex here
(left). We would havegot whipped out of any longs sensibly
hung out at 0.6369 on Bitfinex - but although we'd have
paid a higher price at Kraken (at 6776 at least) the lack of
whipsaw would have held the trade and we'd still be long even
now, compared to losing money by getting stopped out by the
whipsaw on Bitfinex (and then seeing the bet go right 15
minutes later, the worst kind of loss for any trader to
stomach, been there, got at least 100 T shirts too).
Then, on the second decline after the spike on this chart, see
how far back Ripple comes here comapred to
Kraken...Bitfinex comes right back down to the
low/entry point again, whereas on kraken it's smoother again,
and the next low is a lot higher here. So if we want to go
fishing at low values and can handle spikes lower then the
best place to hang out the buy order is Bitfinex,
with cheeky bids at double bottoms - they may get struck and
they may not. But you'll never know without trying it at those
points of maximum pressure across crypto markets.
評論: Good spot to take profits here as the upper parallel is being tested...can buy back from lower down
Thanks Jerry! I am on Kraken and although the volume is lower than most exchanges and in times of tumult it does give you a little time to think because of the lag between Kraken and price movements elsewhere. If Coinbase adds this little guy we should expect some BCH price insanity don't you think?
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