How did Ripple impacted the market correction?!

Hi traders,
I hope you had a great week!

Here is a slight update on my overview of the market and where we are headed next. I could see finially that the market is maturing and each coin is establishing its way (as they always did) before the correction. First, I firmly believe that the current correction was influenced by Ripple after the coin corrected more than 70% in only a few days!

So what is really happening now? I have been tracking the market closely the past few days and releazied that each coin are currently trading without the influence of any. For example, if BTC is down 2% then ETH is still trading in the green side etc.

Also, as you can see, Ripple is down almost 7% now where other major coins are not correcting much - which is great!

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down and feel free to ask any question.

Have a great day - Abdulla
Great idea.. love it!
This is a really good idea... thank you thank you.
Your point of view makes sense.
correlation does not imply causation,

i still belive that „air money“ (usdt) is pumping and dumping (manipulating) the markets, but we will know this just when the bubble implode the markets.

usdt—-> btc—->fiat = marketcap dryed empty,
just my theory....
I do not know if I agree with the assessment, but yes, you do get a like because I think attempts to try to understand coin action independent of BTC will become increasingly important. So thanks my friend.
I am gonna buy XRP at about 0.70$ )
Thx for the analysis
It's good to look for cross-correlations, but I don't see evidence of XRP playing a leadership role here, which I think is what you are saying. These coins just peak at different times and during the correction phase they have all been showing strong positive correlation.
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no, just no. ripple had no impact on entire market. on 17th of January first ever BTC futures was settled and that is the reason why BTC fell and RPM followed him and not the other way around
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bedarija bedarija
@bedarija, i mean jezus you even said it yourself. first time ripple fell nothing happened to the other markets cuz it has no impact, and than when all coin fell for you logical conclusion is that now all of a sudden was ripple doing even though before it didn't do anything?
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