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Blood is coming. The great blood. You can see it.
XRP has doubled in value 5 times this year. If it doubles again just 3 more times it's market cap would be greater than the current mcap of btc . And why wouldn't it double a few more times? You got the inventor of the internet and the previous king of the reserve bank headlining an event upcoming by Ripple. You've got the IMF cheerleading it. More banks on board I struggle to even keep up. If any other crypto besides Ripple had the kind of adoption we would all be losing our minds.

ETH? It's an all out cluster fudge on Ethereum with ICO's. BTC? Bitcoin bosses keyboard fighting amongst each other. And then Ripple, just smoothly observing in the back seat putting all the pieces together while the guys at the front are maybe about to have a collision without airbags. XRP is a great product with great marketing and I'm pretty sure that's an all woman marketing team. Have you seen the XRP fans out there? I've never heard of them, but they are out in numbers like I haven't seen before. Japanese. Koreans. Old fx traders who feel they missed the bitcoin boat. All of this is a perfect blood storm brewing. You probably don't see them because you're in a tight little clicky tribe.. echo chamber. Cool. We're all super jealous.

XRP. It's decentralised enough. It's super fast. It's not the crypto libertarians dream, but this is the next stage of growth. Yeah. Words and more words here, and here's some more words and you figure it out. I'm already long since you know when because I've been giving you obelisks like I'm some sort of Pharaoh. I'm not a Pharaoh. Just a dude tapping keys making shit up. Shilling some shit. This isn't financial advice. I have to say that, you know. Which brings me to regulations. Regulations are coming in hard. Crypto can't be regulated. Satellites and mesh networks and shit. They'll never stop crypto. But they can do a pretty good job at controlling the masses and convincing them what to trust and what to fear. Who's going to work with the governments to ensure all this explosive growth works within the boundaries of the system? Whoever it is gets the full support of the MSM et al.

My suggestion to you is is find a good entry point and hodl. If it pumps too hard, like it has in the past, this obelisk is probably going to fall again. If you're a noob, maybe sell a bit as it goes up and you're happy with those gains.. maybe sell more if it goes up even more. There are a lot of different strategies. I have my own. I'm a long term hodler. I miss most of the ups and downs. Sleeping or outside talking to animals. Look we all have our own interests. Lookup scaling your buys and sells. You know if it moons really hard like 100x maybe sell like 90%, but keep a bit, because what if it goes 1000x? Suddenly that 10% you have is worth more than what you sold. Kid, it happens. Don't blow your load completely. Save a bit so you can keep her happy all night. Learn from Hanz.
評論: This might here be the dip you could hope for. It could go down even to 4800 satoshis. Now I don't want to repeat myself too much, but I will, because repetition is the ancestor to greatness. It's simple. Simplicity is a solid foundation. It's one of the reasons why I'm very bullish on Ripple - they are doing one primary thing and focusing on that. Meanwhile you have all these other coins trying to be very flexible and do everything depending on what they think will pump. Following the fashion. Bitcoin trying to be everything to everyone. Is it cash? Is it gold? Is it a religion? What's Ripple? Fast, cheap cross-border transactions.

Don't just speculate. Have you tried Ripple transactions? Try sending some large amounts or small amounts - it doesn't matter. I sent 20c worth of ripple from a wallet in USA to a wallet in my cave lair high up in the Swiss alps for a fraction of a cent. It took 4 seconds.

But banks! Banks are the enemy. Are they? I beg to differ. There is no enemy. Banks are just greedy little leeches like you or I. Don't tell me if you had vaults full of gold that doesn't exist and control of monopoly money printing press you would be any different. Biases are going to get you rickety rekt. There's no loyalty in this game. This isn't emotional. This is purely technical. It's just technical. The people will go wherever the growth is and whichever allows fastest and cheapest transactions. That's what I like about Ripple. If our Bitcoin bosses spent 10% of the time working out how to support new comers and integrate with banks instead of tiffing on twitter, shopping at the hat store and putting on their cute little no2x handles making enemies of each other, maybe we wouldn't be where we are. I don't blame them, but I don't take a side. Conflicts are never one sided. I don't subscribe to the right or wrong side. Behind every victim is a tyrant in hiding.

Yesterday, it was cypherpunk coins. Today it isn't. Look at the bigger trends. Crypto has had many years now of unregulated growth run by hat and hashtag fashionistas. But only until the last 12 months or so was it big enough to trigger alarms for banks and governments to think about it seriously. Look at the globally syndicated fud and pumping they do. Maybe it's all coincidence. Who can say. Bitcoin isn't going anywhere.. Litecoin. Monero. There's a hand full of true cryptos that are going to be around forever and if you play the really really long game, you can't go wrong with those. That doesn't mean Bitcoin will stay #1. Nothing stays at the top forever no matter how great the ideals. Remember chickens are the closest genetic descendent to the t-rex. Still, btc, ltc, xmr and others have truly limited supply and trustless setups and these can't be stopped and in the end these will likely be worth 100's times more than they are today.. but in the interim, these are not the coins that the mainstream media are going to shill. It's big grand cycles. Like 7-8-9 year cycles.

Obviously what we would all like is all these purist idealist coins just go super mainstream. We've all got completely private transactions going at light speed and banks all go out of business and we suddenly are all very rich and we can all put on our skirts and dance in the Swiss mountains singing songs to each other.

In the meantime, this is not financial advice but if it were and you think this is the bottom I would suggest you buy Ripple.

評論: Broke down that bottom trend line. Down to nearly 4k sats! In case you're wondering, it wasn't me selling. I'm in for a longer play and I got in much lower. Risk reward. Make sure you manage it yourself. You're the one who pulls the trigger. Why I don't get off when people tell me my analysis made them rich - it's the same reason I don't want to be mentioned in your suicide notes.
評論: Quick update. Couple major things:

1. R3's lawsuit against Ripple has been thrown out. Rip r3. What's it mean? 5 billion XRP come back into the hands of Ripple and they can continue focusing on the product.

2. Ripple launching a $300mln incentive accelerator program to grow XRP usage https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-rolls...

These are pretty big announcements in and of themselves. Not sure what surprise they have install for Swell but obviously it's something huge. Starting to understand why they called it Swell. Very strategic building up. They've learned quick. Who you think taught em? Look around.

評論: XRP has not overtaken ETH yet, but note that as we have arrived at the 2nd segment of the fallen obelisk, Crypto Kitties was born.


Many updates since I've last surfaced.

1. American Express are now on board with Ripple. https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-makes-a-...

2. $100m crypto fund launched by Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington to be valued in $XRP http://fortune.com/2017/11/28/arrington-...

3. $peculation about Ukraine Central Bank getting on the blockchain (https://www.coindesk.com/ukrainian-centr...) which doesn't mention Ripple but if you do some creepy google searching you can find that a blockchain startup in Ukraine back in 2015 began working with Ukranian public sector to set them up with Ripple http://en.interfax.com.ua/news/press-rel...

4. Today I learned that Codius, Ripples answer to Smart Contracts has been relaunched https://twitter.com/hanzholdinworth/stat...

5. Finally, we're in the 11th hour of 2017 which 55 billion XRP are going into Escrow.
評論: Are you not entertained?


The ouroboros. The snake or dragon eating its own tail. The infinite cycle of life and death. The transformation. The end of the old. The beginning of the new. The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. There's no difference. Just steps up an infinite spiral.
評論: The shadow of the 2nd Obelisk just happened to mark the rise to #2 spot for Ripple. Stopped at that lovely target there on the way to pickup some more passengers to the dark side. I guess if you're a trader you could have taken advantage of that.

I love the moral high ground traders take around Ripple. Traders have got to be among the most useless people I've ever come across. Oh but you're all about that better world and decentralisation. Bs. You're about gains. That's why I absolutely fucking love Ripple. Bringing up this dark stuff right into the light to show. But you think you're better?? :D

Because they have 60% and that's unfair? Meanwhile what do these FUD guys do? Just keep stacking their own coins. That's not fair bro. Why you holding all those coins to yourself? You should be giving them away. You're a scam bro. Oh you did work for that? Dude.. not living the utopian dream.. donate them man, unfair. You're not decentralised. People living on the streets and stuff and you've got 10000x the wealth of the average 3rd world citizen? Bloody ripple. I'm perfect but banks man.. banks really suck.
評論: Just go up to the top. Press play and look at that bull blade just slice through Ethereum. And now Ripple just consolidating after such a rise. What beauty.
評論: 5 rises to 55.5k sats. One more triple death.

Let us now join hands in the ritualistic blood bath. So what are you sacrificing this new years? The weak will drink and smoke. Are you the weak?

People ask me for more esoteric knowledge. They think I'm high all the time. Oh the discomfort when I tell them I'm just on fresh air and clean foods.

Everybody wants the glory. Few do the work.
評論: How are we looking so far? XRParabolic still in play.
評論: As you are aware, everything is on fast forward this year. We already reached the tip of the obelisk. 33 was the magic number or $3.30. At the time of creating the chart it was around here that would have meant Ripple overtaking BTC as #1 coin. However the goal post has now moved.

The new target is $6.66. Again, this is not about demons and devil worshipping. It is a number about illumination. It is the 555 and 111 code which is hidden in plain sight within Obelisks. This triple 5 pattern emerges often in Ripple stuff. Whether they intend it or not doesn't really matter. Read my other Ripple analysis' on obelisks if you feel like wasting more of your time.

None of it really matters to be honest.
評論: I almost forgot, the juicy stuff.

1. Moneygram, one of the biggest money transfer companies in the world starts trailing XRP. Which is weird because "nobody is ever going to use XRP"

2. There have been huge XRP buys going on in the billions or XRP. Who's buying?

3. Ripple announced that "Three of the top five money transfer companies worldwide will be implementing Ripple’s XRP token in their payment flow systems this year" https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-claims-3...

4. Regulatory stuff is looming. Who is working with regulators? Santander reportedly has started blocking accounts associated to Bitcoin and other unregulated currencies while allowing Ripple transactions to go ahead https://www.ccn.com/portuguese-bank-sant...

5. 555 + 111 = 666
評論: Did I say $6.66? I meant .66 cents. What's a decimal between friends?
評論: Bouncing off the obelisk and we are still in play. Always the same. Build a big thing like this too quickly it's going to come down. No surprises there. XRP is still a hold for me.

I've added some vertical yellow lines. Single and doubles. The doubles fall on major quarter events of the year. Solstices and equinoxes. If you don't know what that is wtf have you been doing with your life. These are major points in the earths rotational spiral moving through our galaxy with our sun.

Now the ancients didn't just note these 4, they also noted the 4 halfway points in between. So 8 points in a year.

The celtics refer to the day we just passed on Feb 2 as Imbolc. Beginning of spring. But actually the exact date of the midway point between winter solstice and spring equinox is more like today.

You'll notice if you look at the charts, these pivotal days of the greater cosmic turtle we're flying through space on in a vortex, are also correlated to local highs and lows. The last major pump in 2017 really ramped up at the midway point leading up to summer solstice on what some pagans referred to as Beltane on May 1st. Actually the real mid point is more like may 5-7th. Interestingly, it was the price set at this day which created the major support for the next 6 months. The last time that price zone would be tested again would be on the Autumnal equinox or Mabon. This would begin the gradual upward accumulation that would become the basis for the Winter Solstice moon we saw. You can't make this stuff up. Check the dates.

Now going further, I've divided the year into 16 parts.

These also correlate with important moves. For example, the impulse in late november was almost exactly mid point between Samhain (what people today celebrate as Halloween). If you look closely at the chart you can see significant events are happening on most of these 16 parts of the whole. The most recent dump on the 15th of Jan found a low at one of the 16 points for example.

Breaking it down even further into 32 bits of the year you can see further connections. Such as the peak on the 4th Jan, or the rise that began around 11th Dec, or the rise last year 20th Aug.

There is a music playing. An orchestra. Most simple don't listen, so they can't hear it. But it's playing. It's always playing.

So where to from here? You think I know? You think just because I've made some insanely accurate calls I know everything? Guys I'm just a guy living in a forest at the end of a journey, at the end of a cycle in an endless spiral with semi autistic skills who sometimes got fooled into thinking the random people walking at the supermarket were a part of a flash mob dance. I'm just a dude who spent too much time moving his head left and right trying to line up things close and far. You know like staring at a pole a couple meters away and then seeing how it lines up with a tree on a lot further away. Add a bit of family trauma here and there. Maybe lining things up is how I escaped. Add a bit of living life as a tax slave bitch. Insanity isn't hard to reach. I don't know what the price will be. I just see how things line up. I just see the dance. And I'm attracted to what has more things lining up and what has more dance potential. I just follow the beauty. Whenever things are down, I look for the beauty. There's no chaos. There's no disorder. There's just beauty.
評論: I will say this though. I'm expecting we will see a very strong bounce. A recovery around the 62% fib late February.

We've seen lots of capitulation in many coins in this latest dump. This is great. The beginning of spring. If you're remotely connected to the cycle then you are assessing the bags you carry and you are repositioning. What I'm saying is tldr: this is perfect.

I expect this year will be greater than last. Our advanced AI simulators hand coded by swiss autists fed completely on a non-soy diet derived that we are looking at a 10x of entire crypto market cap by summer.
評論: Nice little peak on a 32nd fraction point. Also the same resistance price we were at before the run up at the end of December.
評論: So here we are in a perfect universe. A mathemagical world. A complete world.

That's an vital foundation to begin with. I mean you get that bit wrong you might as well consider yourself rekt no matter what you do.

I've sketched out some phi lines. These are not indicators just observations. You may draw your own conclusions from this. What I see is the price holding strong along the obelisk lying on the ground.

Important time coming up. About 7 days until the northern hemisphere launches into spring equinox. A pivotal moment.

Let's look back to this time last year which is when Hanz first started recommending you buy some Ripples purely for experimental reasons and not financial advice

Actually I was buying at 660 sats. How much of a fail do you think I felt when it started crashing on me and you guys close to my heart down to 500? That was the bottom though. Early March, 2017 was the bottom.

This is what I tell myself now while wrapped in one of those space foil jackets in a fetal position. Just kidding. Very optimistic about this. Help. But very good risk reward here. I don't know what I am doing. Brace yourselves for immediate short term oort cloud interstellar launch.
can you update
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The Blood moon will be full in 2 days
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I was blind... and now I see...
Eternal Golden Braid -
nice storytelling as usually :) have a great day!
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"What's a decimal between friends?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :-) GOOD ONE :-) . Namasté
Where we go from here, @hanzeholdinworth ?
0.5$ in Japan.
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