Ripple Ripping - Back Alive from Moneygram Collaboration

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***Breaking News***

"MoneyGram International Inc. MGI +5.78% signed on to run a pilot program testing XRP, a digital currency created by San Francisco startup Ripple, in its payments network, the companies said Thursday.

The Dallas-based company agreed to test XRP as a tool for reducing money-transfer costs and settlement times. A spokeswoman from MoneyGram said the pilot was limited to internal processes and that this is the first time it has worked with Ripple. The pilot program is open-ended.

Ripple develops software, based on the concepts underlying the digital currency bitcoin , that is aimed at creating networks for banks and financial institutions that would allow for faster and cheaper interbank trading and settlement." (Source: Wall Street Journal)

Ripple RSI broke and below all Moving Averages --- time to buy?

What if we told you that Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Deep learning could be used to create Machine Learning signals that tell you when to buy and sell instead of charting/fundamental analysis?

What if we told you that Cryptocurrency portfolios could be formed that are quantitatively optimized that are structured for the long-term while sensitive to tactical movements of the market?

Make sure to check out our profile about how to get involved in a future like this.
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