Cup and Handle formation

Ok, here we are once again

While some Crypto (principally BTC and LTC) are making it huge on its bullish rally, XRP has standed up as the special cousin that don´t know what to do. It has been trapped for the last days without taking decision on where to go.

Lets analyze XRP moment.

- As you can see, and the chart speaks by itself, XRP formed what seems to be a Cup and Handle pattern on the daily chart . This is important as usually, Cup and Handle formations are typical trend reversal patterns, considering that it formed on the daily chart , it should be a very nice confirmation that bears are out, once it breakup the handle. This may take us to the $1.8 area quickly.

- On the 4 hrs chart, XRP is struggling between some important and strong levels. $1.07 is acting as a support, and $1.13 (which has been a very strong resistance/support price in the past) is acting as a resistance. Besides this, it is in a very small channel between the 50 EMA and the 200 EMA , that are acting as support and resistance as well.

- XRP is also trading in a very strong consolidation zone of the bullish rally of Dec 2017, so it has to climb above the $1.22 - $1.25 level to start having some dynamism in the bullish trend .

- In the downside view, we have to watch closely next hours as XRP also formed a Head and Shoulders pattern and now is testing the neckline trying to breakdown it. $1.07 - $1.05 area should hold well as support and XRP should has to bounce from here to the upside. If the price breaks below the neckline successfully, it will be a clear signal of a BEAR movement and we will have to wait for bullish price action near the $1.0 level
Arent' you missing a few basic guidelines to define it a proper cup with handle? for example, it's forming after a downtrend, whereas normally it should form after an uptrend IMHO.
see it here:
Pepe0722 ganascia
@ganascia, It can be a continuation pattern, as you said, or it can be a trend reversal pattern, both are valid. find it here

As you can see, current price havn´t dropped below the 50% retracement of the cup pattern. Anyway, price is moving has been moving sideways longer than expected, if it continues like that over the next days, the cup and handle formation will be invalidated.
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