CRYPTOFAIL: RIP Ripple / VISA Created XRP'petitor, Banks Testing

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Well, as stated before, the banks don't need Ripple (XRP and Network), now VISA doesn't either. VISA created it's own blockchain to do what XRP claims and I'm assuming will do it better, thanks to VISA's depth of knowledge. VISA ALREADY HAS PARTICIPATING BANKS AND HAS BEEN TESTING IT. Ripple XRP is done, don't believe the hype. This begs the question, does XRP have any value if no one needs it? Hmmm. Predict XRP will break from Bitcoin and move on it's own?

Here's is a good YouTube video explaining: https://youtu.be/kgZwYp5B4Nw


Also the direct VISA site: https://developer.visa.com/capabilities/...


Transforming B2B Payments for the Digital Age
"Today, we are excited to announce our work with innovators from Commerce Bank in the United States, Shinhan Bank in South Korea, Union Bank of Philippines and United Overseas Bank in Singapore. We are beginning to process bank to-bank test transactions with a few of these partners, with others to follow soon, as we gear up for the commercial launch of Visa B2B Connect."

VISA has been at this for a while: https://investor.visa.com/news/news-deta...

Visa Introduces International B2B Payment Solution Built on Chain’s Blockchain Technology

Blockchain infrastructure helps to deliver a faster, more transparent way for corporate clients to exchange payments across the world

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Visa Inc . today announced a preview of Visa B2B Connect, a new platform that Visa is developing to give financial institutions a simple, fast and secure way to process business-to-business payments globally.

This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20...

(Graphic: Business Wire)
(Graphic: Business Wire)

Visa is working with Chain to build Visa B2B Connect using Chain Core, an enterprise blockchain infrastructure that facilitates financial transactions on scalable, private blockchain networks. Building on this technology, Visa is developing a new near real-time transaction system designed for the exchange of high-value international payments between participating banks on behalf of their corporate clients. Managed by Visa end-to-end, Visa B2B Connect will facilitate a consistent process to manage settlement through Visa’s standard practices.

With Visa B2B Connect, Visa aims to significantly improve the way international B2B payments are made today by offering clear costs, improved delivery time and visibility into the transaction process – ultimately reducing the investment and resources required by banks and their corporate clients to send and receive business payments.

Visa B2B Connect, which Visa plans to pilot in 2017, is designed to improve B2B payments by providing a system that is:

Predictable and transparent: Banks and their corporate clients receive near real-time notification and finality of payment
Secure: Signed and cryptographically linked transactions are designed to ensure an immutable system of record
Trusted: All parties in the network are known participants on a permissioned private blockchain architecture that is operated by Visa
評論: Manipulators seem to be trying hard to push XRP up, so insiders can keep selling to the masses, before people figure this out.
評論: XRP seems to be separating from Bitcoin, as it should.
評論: Separating, meaning it didn't match the same level like previous moves up.
評論: XRP is now trading at the same level (1.50) when BTCUSD (Bitfinex) was at around 11200 or less but it's at 11500. Not a good sign for XRP.
評論: I'm amazed. With the writing clearly on the wall. Who would be buying at these levels? I can understand TA trading but fundamentals ALWAYS trump technicals for massive moves. And a massive dump unlike anything before has to be coming. The fundamentals don't justify anything else.
評論: I'm thinking that the hundreds of millions of XRP that were recently moved is going to end up being dumped. I don't think it's an exchange. Here's the nightmare scenario about to happen. I don't believe Ripple insiders will hang on the the 55B+ XRP that's off the market. This is going to be dumped more aggressively. Put yourself in their place. What would you do, knowing that the world's largest banks, VISA are creating their own competitor and worse, countries will make their own crypto currencies.

Ripple is sitting on close to $80 billion and could cash out hundreds of millions per month...

Ripple could bring in hundreds of millions of dollars a month by selling a tiny fraction of its XRP holdings. The company put 55 billion XRP in an escrow account, which allows it to sell up to 1 billion every month. Ripple can sell XRP if it needs to make acquisitions or fund new projects.
評論: XRP barely budging up with BTCUSD.
評論: At the equivalent price level to BTX a few hours ago, XRP was at 1.60, but now it's only 1.50, the fundamentals are about to catch up.
評論: BTC MOVING UP, XRP NOT! That's really bad news for XRP...
評論: I'll bet when bitcoin moves down though, XRP will move down harder.
評論: The 'Whales' that got duped into XRP (just like us little folk) from a lack of DD, are about to realize this...just wait for it...
評論: BTC made some nice gains back up, before the next move down. XRP...barely budged up.
評論: So, to the hypsters and pumpers who like to read then accuse ME of FUD how about this :P Look who was right. BTC up, XRP is starting the break down based on the fundamentals mentioned.
評論: Of course, not saying that the manipulators won't come in and try to do another false rally to con the masses, while they dump. Remember 55 BILLION units, just waiting to be dumped on the market, in smaller doses, while the pumpers pump and fake rallies emerge. You've been given a dose of reality.
評論: There we go, manipulators back in.
評論: LOL just like clockwork, just after my previous comment went out a few minutes ago, the manipulation move started.
評論: Just under a million XRP was able to move the price about 0.05 wonder what groups, HNWIs or funds did the co-ordinated or lone wolf attack ;) Aided by bots or stop losses they triggered of course. Good job guys, bravo. Now just wait for the market response...
評論: Well looks like the support lasted a little longer than expected but the long term fundamentals is still, XRP crash and burn. The million dollar Q is just when the whales are tired of propping this up because, bigger whales will see blood in the water, the fundamentals don't justify XRP's value.
評論: XRP - proof when FUD can be a good thing...
When price goes down: "HAHA, told you so!"
When price goes up: "Manipulated!"

Very funny post. Thanks.
Miykael EmileDobbelaere
@EmileDobbelaere, thank you, I like to make people laugh...humour is always needed in life. Manipulation works both ways, not just one...btw ;)
Kassem_Trades EmileDobbelaere
@EmileDobbelaere, hahaha, exactly I don’t think that your feelings about a coin should cloud your judgment, maybe I don’t believe in Ripple but if I can make money on it you bet I’m in m.
wtf are you doing on TV?
Miykael webmi
@webmi, it's true TV does add 10 lbs...
only one think to reply : LOOK THE FACT IN DIRECT:


and don't forget WU and MONEYGRAM And other ....
i don't lost more time with you , but want to help all your follower to look the truth!!
@FRENCH_SOUP, sorry i forget AMEX ... and so many bank... and look the KOREA on bithumb monday...... volume of XRP is 10x bitcoin.... KOREAN already forget the Bitcoin
@FRENCH_SOUP, so what gives XRP value again? Obviously the pumpers and delusional HODLers aren't looking at the facts or fundamentals. That's why I crossed over from the HODLer camp, found the truth and it is truly is FUD ;)
All the announcements and news about VISA you posted is more than a year old (Oct 2016)
Miykael teatrader
@teatrader, so according to that logic, XRP the new kid on the block is going to beat VISA's own XRP killer...hmmm. VISA's been trialing this longer and the Japanese bank just said a pegged crypto is needed. Don't listen, what does it matter to me but I'll still preach truth.
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