Was HitBTC hacked?

I sent coins to my HitBTC wallet and the transfer was completed successfully according to blockchain, but I could not see my coins in my HitBTC account. However, I saw that several minutes later the coins were transferred to a different address which already holds a lot of them.
Is it possible that HitBTC transfers the coins to their wallet first for some reason, and they eventually transfer them to users' wallets, or was hitBTC hacked? It's been several hours since this happened so it would be strange that hitBTC would keep my coins somewhere else.
Please let me know if you had such an experience with hitBTC and how it was solved.

(I see that other people report on the same problem on the HitBTC forum and point to the same address where their coins were transferred. HitBTC support does not respond. Note, I am not mentioning the name of the coin to avoid panic selling. I still hope they will sort it out. Also, please ignore the chart if present above - I couldn't figure out how to publish without any chart)

Better hope for Some support..
That's what support is for :)
magari maxwell11
@maxwell11, I contacted support but they still haven't answered and it's been more than 12 hours now that it happened.
@magari, keep following up/logging tickets until they respond. But be friendly. Support guys will push you to the back of the queue if you annoy them! If you can show they received them and did not move them you should be fine. Just inconvenienced. Best use another service I recon.
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maxwell11 maxwell11
@maxwell11, this might make you feel a little more fortunate -

Thats a 62million USD screwup at todays value

I'm sure there have been worse stories!
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maxwell11 maxwell11
@maxwell11, sorry a miscalculation. Thats 629,899,875.00 USD !!

"Welsh IT worker James Howells famously lost 7,500 Bitcoins in 2013 when he accidentally threw out an old hard disk containing his private key. It is reportedly under thousands of tonnes of landfill at a waste recycling centre in Pillgwenlly, Newport."
magari maxwell11
@maxwell11, this helps putting things into perspective.
this is normal for ALL exchanges, they transfer funds from hot wallets to cold wallets for storage together with the rest of the other deposits. you should probably take to twitter or reddit, instead of posting something absolutely irrelevant on tradingview.
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PNUTTY titanlyy
This is a tough audience here . . . lol
magari titanlyy
@titanlyy, no, this is not normal for all exchanges. I have experience with several other exchanges (binance, bitstamp, huobi) and when I deposit there, I can see the coins in my wallet and trade immediately after the coins are received (which takes less than 5 minutes for the coin I wrote about), so how come it is normal that my wallet on HitBTC shows 0 after more than 12 hours since the coins were received? Anyway sorry for posting here, but I wanted people to be aware that something might be wrong with hitBTC.
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