$XRP #Ripple back to where the fun started?

I was looking for a break out to the upside for quite a long time already.
After repainting my chart, I can't make it better than this........
If the bull run for BTC continues, Ripple may see a nasty continuation of its pullback.

Trading advice: stay on the sideline and wait for a clear breakout of this pattern. Either its gonna be some special developments in Ripple or BTC makes a correction.
評論: XRP is breaking out to the upside but I'm not convinced yet to buy the break out. Still looking at this flat correction.....

No trade for me for the time being.

評論: LOL, wrong chart above :-)


Instead of sitting on the sidelines... I made my contingencies.
3000 xrp @ .217
3000 xrp @ .19698
3000 xrp @ .15
3700 xrp @ .11621

Cant get better than that? Can it?
WizardOfRealms WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, I expect it will possibly hit .089 as banks want this to be stable? Not as volatile? Ha Ha Ha!
The charts that show it going up are awesome to look at but, the alternative, is it could be going lower! Be prepared for it and prosper. I'm in it to win it! (Always In!)
when everybody buys you sell, when everybody sells you buy, you'll see
@Siulnam, that's trading what you think, not what you see, by that logic you know 0.13 is a lottery ticket, while other coins have broken that support zone already, not falling much deeper though but they still can
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