XRPUSDT Watch bottom for buy

Hi there, XRPUSD is setting up for breakout, Watch bottom for buy. Please watch video for detailed analysis. Likes the chart so that others can see this opportunity and can grab this opportunity. So help others by your likes. Thanks fellows.
評論: Watch bottom for buy
評論: Thats how you can get in the market on perfect place. I hope many of you have learnt alot from this setup.
評論: For further buy we need to watch for continuation pattern formation and then buy.
Hi, i need some advice. i am now trading XRP/BTC on binance. If btc corrects what should i do? should i change it to USDT or Should i Hodl? or is there ny other options.
how to buy XRP ?
can you explain where do you have 2.09 dollar from and why ? more elaboration please ??
Interesting. Currently by looking at finex, one cant help but think that much money is flowing into xrp from others. All other major coins (including btc AND bch, albeit the later had a crazy bullrun yesterday) are stagnant or in downtrend. Alas, Im longing those, and shorting xrp (expecting a pullback), but the picture is rather gloomy in the past hours.
Do you see it will keep going up? not touching bottom a bit?
100 dollar target... you talking about usd...? that shit is unrealistic. bitcoin will have to be at a mil for ripple to have a chance at 100 dollars. Unless ripple overtakes bitcoin, and somehow gets a 3 trillion market cap (10x more than bitcoins atm).. but I highly doubt that will happen
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@JonRulz, People like you were also talking like this when bitcoin was 0.50 cent. Where it is now. do you know. i hope you know.
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You should really do VTC..You will loving it ^^
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daavid3 Sedro
@Sedro, VTC is great. I started buying it when it was $1. I just wish I got more....
To be safest, trade Ripple in USD, because if BTC corrects.. you might come out negative, even when Ripple gits $1.
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