StealthCoin [XSTBTC] Quick trade for 70% Profit.

BITTREX:XSTBTC   Stealth / Bitcoin
XST Coin moving in uptrend in Triangle Formation, should breakout Up, with good Profit move!
RSI moving UP

  • Entry now
Target 1490
交易進行: Breaking resistance line!
評論: Hope you in, cause it moves to target 1490 (50% profit from now!)!
交易結束:達到停損點: Stop Loss

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Whatsup/Telegram +380930292523
Looks like it took a good bounce off of support
akabubjr akabubjr
@akabubjr, pretty "STEALTHY". ;)
The people in this comment section who just depend on him to tell you everything you guys probably shouldn't be trading. Use his information as advice to either confirm or deny what you think, but make you're own choices! It's you're money..
+3 回覆
Wow did I miss something? Is anyone paying him for his service? I mean its just opinion you follow or don't, right?
+1 回覆
FAIL! -900$ Thanks man!
@relaxdi, its gnna moon dude just marketcrash
+1 回覆
steve43214 relaxdi
@relaxdi, grow up, learn to trade
or just put in your money in index fund
@relaxdi, you have only yourself to blame, but failure is part of the process, so learn from your failure and improve your game...to make loads of $$$$$.
no problem :( ,, we can get profit in another coin ^^
Dear friend could you please update your poor performing ones also. Serious loss here. You could suggest cancelling or selling off, etc.
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