Vcash - High Risk, High profit (shitcoin) [2.5x]

BITTREX:XVCBTC   Vcash / Bitcoin
Vach is one of the few coins that didn't pump like the other coins. We can see that support was tested and the coin rebounded and is making slow progress up. I expect it to double in price but again its really high risk due to the low volume . I'm not going to invest in it personally even thou I feel that its going to double, but be safe than sorry.
If you are a risk taker, go ahead.
評論: I dont see low volume coins pumping as time is running out with a bitcoin fork on the 28th and high volume alts taking all of the attention. I will close the trade and open it back if anything changes.
交易進行: Gaining some volume, which could make the targets true. Again and Again and Again this is a really risky trade. I can't emphasize on how risky this trade is.
Unless you know what you are doing, please don't buy in.
交易結束:目標達成: about 44% profit if you sold at 13k.
It's not a shitcoin, tho it has problem on poloniex, and low exposure therefore low price.
DCFreak ja.piotr.bor
@ja.piotr.bor, that's the standard definition of shit coin. Low volume
@DCFreak, so verge isn't a shitcoin, because it has a volume, but in reality it's shitty as hell.
Damn, this space changed from tech pushing revolution, to binary options "money making machine" flop.
It's a little sad.

Btw. how long are you charting, because on tradingview you are quite new, but you had quite successive rate, as I see.
What makes you ultimately quite bullish on BTC, after we will touch 8K ?
Any updates please?
DCFreak MarkAbadi
@MarkAbadi, its following an up trend, so it should go up eventually but again its low volume and bitcoin is unstable. Will keep you updated. (Its high risk btw but also high reward)
@DCFreak, Thanks. First target = 0.0001?
DCFreak MarkAbadi
@MarkAbadi, if it passes 97 then yeah 0.00011 as it was a previous resistance.
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