Verge: Exclusive Partnership Announcement

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Hey Guys, This is the time for Verge to go up and shine like a star.

As we all know that Verge enjoyed an explosion in December’s bull market when it exploded 3000% in value to $0.30.

John McAfee pitched in to fuel the bullish sentiment, predicting on Twitter that the coin was bound for the $15 mark (a somewhat outlandish 150,000% increase from its price at the time). It has since dipped and dwindled significantly in the Q1 slump, swinging between $0.03 and $0.08 for the last month.

While Q1 remained mostly unremarkable for XVG, a cryptic announcement in late March set a new course for Verge, sending prices rocketing against the bearish market. The Verge team placed an unorthodox pretense for their crowdfund, requesting nothing short of 75 million XVG ($3.5 million) to be raised in days to secure and reveal an apparently lucrative partnership.

Below is youtube lnk for the information about announcement or it can be seen at Verge website too.

Verge has a very big year ahead. 2018 is going to be filled with new releases, partnerships and privacy software.

The Verge CEO added that on the day prior, “we’re going to be doing something special.” The chief executive explained that Verge, despite being loosely associated with privacy-based coins like Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC), hadn’t been chosen by the partnering corporation for its anonymous features.

The date for the new partnership announcement is set to 16th of April

Hence, let's get ready and make some good bucks.

Good Luck Guys and don't forget to hit like if you agree.

Thank you
評論: First target:739 but it may go up because it has already tested this.
I am hoping because of the new partnership announcement, it will go way above this target.
評論: Don't short it yet guys. It appears that it will go crazy

Money money money

評論: Btw the first target achieved
評論: XVG is still not ready to slow down guys and still showing very bullish sign.
評論: Hey folks, XVG still looking good and we will let it go, its a strong uptrend
評論: Hey Guys,

Hope you all are doing great.

XVG is doing great. It rallied from 400 Satoshi to 1050 and it is still looking very aggressive. Lets set the target which is 1200 (50+/-)

The trend is still yet to finish. wait for my next update please

評論: guys, i used 15 min chart this time

評論: XVG is back guys. this time lets keep the target is 1000. we will then see how it goes
the announcement is due on the 17th not the 16th as originally thought for a heads up
sdahiya117 vibrant_crypt
@vibrant_crypt, Yup, its 17th. thank you
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