Verge Guarantee

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
It's time for xvg to take it's throne.

A lil comedic relief after looking at charts non stop for hours :)
評論: It's getting closer!
With the shit team they have behind. You are right!

When I was rising valid points about their shit marketing team, they banned me.

Waiting for this shit to get to 950sat and selling right away
looks promising so far lol
thats where shitcoin belongs!!!! Did u guys look at their official twitter account only partnership they have is hot dog carts!!! LMFAO
RickSmash zoran83ns
@zoran83ns, haha, no I stopped looking at their twitter after their tweet that went like this:
(paraphrasing but close enough)

... not for windows though, we still can't figure this shit out."
zoran83ns RickSmash
@RickSmash, lol they said wraith is released and they gave some intro that u can buy for 5 bucks like gamers do and wrote COMING SOON hahahahahha i died like u said it is released and then cheap video it is coming soon and that was 2 weeks ago pump by bot to 1600 and it crashed down to 1100 in 1 hr ahhahahahahha
zoran83ns RickSmash
@RickSmash, all charts failed about verge like i saw 1000 in last 1 month and all where wrong as crypto is not stock market and retards cant get it 2 trading bots are deciding where it goes so this chart u made is best one i ever saw cause verge and their team belongs in toilet especially that 13 yr old pijama kid thats on crack in every video he made
ahahaha:). funny
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