Verge (XVG) Is once again, ready for action. TIER: B

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
After two successful (AND STILL RUNNING) ideas, that both generated (as of this moment I'm writing this) and still generating great success (81% increase on POWR and 104%+ on ENJ )

I'm here to present a new coin, a new analysis. a new trade for all.

I'll be doing something new from now on, every time I'll post a coin, I'll give it a tier. classifying these coins is based solely on my own opinion. and the idea behind that is to give you a better understanding of risk/reward on a bigger picture.

These tiers will be used:
S - (The best of the best, typically the best for long-term investment) - recommended investment : under 20% of your deposit.
A - (Great Coins, can be used as long-term and medium term, low risk - medium reward) - under 15% of your deposit
B - (Still good coins, maybe undervalued, can be anything from short term to long term, medium risk, high reward) under 10% of your deposit
C - (Decent coins, mostly short and mid-term. can generate a lot of profit, but you'd have to be on your toes at all times and be aware of what's happening in the crypto market, High Risk/High reward) - 5% to 10% of your deposit
D - (Average coins, either it's coins that are bottomed out or coins that don't really have much of a fundamental value, will be mostly short term, can be mid-term as well. These coins will carry the highest risk, they could potentially carry high rewards as well) - MAXIMUM of 5% of your deposit.

So with all of that being said, Let's jump to our coin in question, Verge.

Fundamental :
"XVG is a cryptocurrency that focuses on total anonymity and privacy for its users.
Whereas Bitcoin succeeded in the mission of creating a decentralized crypto-currency, Verge brings it further by making transactions completely anonymous. The currency is virtually untraceable and the users of Verge can make instant anonymous transactions." Source : Medium.com by Sasha Kolupaev

XVG is currently #22 on coinmarketcap with a whooping $2.3B market cap.
Verge will be releasing RSK smart contracts on Q1 of 2018.
A new website is also to be expected on Q1 of 2018.

Technical analysis :

Indicators :
MACD : crossing and going up, bullish .
RSI showing bullish signals.
Currently trading under the 50 MA on the 3h chart

Chart trends :
As you can see, it has formed a bullish flag on a larger scale, around the time BTC started moving upwards, it formed a descending triangle . and now finally, it broke out and is trading above our triangle at the break-out point.

BUY in between 0.00001050 - 0.00001240
Stop loss - -10% of your entry price.

I wish you the best.

IF you liked this analysis and looking forward to see more, don't forget to thumbs up, follow and leave a comment telling me what you think and what you want to see next. all feedback is very appreciated.

評論: 0.00001395 (TARGET REACHED, actual target 1373)
評論: This is why I remind you to put on your stop losses, and to always keep trailing your stop losses. BTC surged from the 13k-14k area to 17k. when BTC rises up like that, all alts drop.

Always keep an eye on BTC. You have three options :
- Set stop loss , once stop loss is reached, wait for it to go lower and rebuy in again.
- sell at the highest you can, wait for the dip, rebuy.
評論: We're still trending at the previous breakout zone, it's still a good time to buy.

XVG held up well in recent days with everything that has been going on with BTC and all the FUD.

Buy and hold.
交易結束:達到停損點: My stop loss has been reached, will re-vist XVG at a later time.
評論: Just a little update despite the fact that my stop loss was reached.

first 2 targets were reached from breakout point.

0.00001395 (TARGET REACHED, actual target 1373)
0.00001531 (TARGET REACHED)
Would love to hear how your port is distributed/what coins you think have best ROI.
What tier do you give Verge at the moment?
FloTi Vlusion
i am new to this game but holding xvg and powr, just hodling for now...wish you all great 2018
+1 回覆
Ramy2700 sv1rep
@sv1rep, Keep on holding!
+1 回覆
Following your picks - they are gold! Thank you
Ramy2700 grebeulous
@grebeulous, Thank you sir, glad you like them.
I shared your idea on Twitter
Ramy2700 rsedaaghi
@rsedaaghi, Thank you kindly, I appreciate it.
+1 回覆
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