XVG 2H Chart 40% Short Term 100% - 300% Long Term - Privacy Coin

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Here is another trade for everyone! In my trades I am hoping to find quick gainers for folks looking for short investment cycles as well as trades that can be held for long term higher returns. I intend to provide entry points, trade targets, profit gathering plans and stop losses. These trades are based on chart research, technical analysis , and current media/ market perceptions. I advise how I plan to take my unrealized gains(profit) from the trade until I have recouped all my initial investment. At this point you will be trading on house money.I also will point out at which point you can take the initial profit as suggested by the chart for quick gains. As always this is my trade opinion and the strategy i am implementing for my trades. Do your own research and never risk more then you can afford to loose. Please feel free to ask me questions and or comment your thoughts on my ideas.

Thank You & Good Luck!!

Entry Point .00001200
2) Target .00001308 (.5 FIB)
3) Target .00001589 (.382 FIB) Take Profit 15%
4) Target .00001983 (.236 FIB) Take Profit 15%
5) Target .00001900 Blue Sky Take Profit 30%
6) Target .00002300 Take Profit 40% (House Money Now)
7) Target .00002500 (0 FIB)
8) Target .00004000

Stop Loss .00000814 30% +/-
Close trade at .00001680 for 40% Gain

Remember to evaluate using your risk model and trading plan. This is a short term/ longterm trade. Patience is the Key! As always I will follow this trade and update it along the way!
評論: New Support line?? Added investment opportunity!!
評論: chart still looks good. This coin is pretty stable overall in the last run on BTC. Should start to see vertical movement.
評論: Took some time to get going. Patience is hard for most right now in the crypto space. Hit target 1. Moving to target 2 at 1589. Remember you can take your profit in any manner you like based on your investment goals. This is just my thoughts on how I will take them. Thanks.
There are 2 ways according to myself an investor/well-wisher can suggest in an opensource project. We can be complaining or can be demanding. I prefer to be demanding as I trust this team idea and the developers who by now proved that they are committed to the cause and idea.

We proved that this solution will work, which many other told it might not. Yes, we have some bugs which will get fixed easily and some design changes would be required which is fine. We build that confidence here.

Now coming to demanding part, we want to see this team(rather than calling as a company)

1. Be more organized.
2. We want to see a proper peer-review process is in place. I want to see Verge team participate their future designs in Cryptographic conferences and get the sign-offs.
3. More and more whiteboards we conduct which will attract and help people around us to be informed along with us in technologies we work on.
4. Researchers should be carried out to work on the "legacy(retained)" technologies transformation which might be required as part of our different use-cases, partnership in future.
5. More than everything I want the team to be more respectful and assertive in the work we do.

We have a great team here who can make history... then I remember, we have a strong army of well-wishers behind us and with that, we can make miracles here!

I will follow this closely, this may have a definite impact on the long term portion of this trade and may not effect it’s near term 40% possibilities.
dmf3030 vthokiee97
@vthokiee97, From a bit more digging it appears that this is a bit more nuanced of an issue. Some IPs are being hidden as expected and have been for quite but it looks like the final hiding in the main verge core is not quite hooked up yet, probably because of the hurried wraith release but this final bit of TOR integration should be turned on shortly with an update from the git branch where it is currently being integrated. Per the dev on twitter:

"packets from our android and electrum tor are under layers of onion. shortly our core will be the same way."

and later in the git comments

"this is where tor is being integrated, and its very near completion:

so not sure how much this article will pick up steam or make a difference if this final bit of privacy is integrated quickly, guess it remains to be see.
Thanks ,vthokiee97.

Will try out
vthokiee97 biffysix
@biffysix, thanks. I think chart wise the 40% is solid. This coin has a good following and a lot of big fish behind it right now. With that said the delays in the wraith protocol and now if confirmed non functioning protocol could spell trouble for this long term trade. Please watch this car fully. I will follow with updates. Thanks and good luck.
Black Swan News is possibly coming.

Wraith Protocol released DOSE NOT really WORK.

The journals are clearly not being obfuscated.

vthokiee97 viparmenia
@viparmenia, yes this could definitely be detrimental to this coins success. Thank you for the insight. I had not seen this article.
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