XVG - On the Verge of Breakout

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
XVG has been in a consolidation pattern for over a month now, from mid December to mid January. Typically the longer this occurs the larger the breakout will be and Verge is no exception. I'm expecting the continuation to play out for a 200% total run from entry. The recent Wraith protocol release will also bring new updates in the near term and bring along a new wave of speculators with it. Enter along support or on breakout for a safe entry and enjoy your ride to your destination.

Trend : Bullish
Buy Signal Indicators : Oversold on the Daily RSI , 6 + 12hr cloud support, accumulation on trending support, Symmetrical Triangle forming
Trade window: 30 days (short term)
取消訂單: Trade stopped out @ 950 due to support break. BTC caused some panic selling in alt coins.
OneX Day Trading Discord:
I don't have any hopes for XVG but let's ignore XVG history and play pretend for a while :)

Just because BTC caused panic I don't think we should cancel the order. I think XVG is headed up as originally stated.
update broken :(
XVG break out ?... Sir.?..
@MRSON, why do you comment same thing on every chart
MRSON JMess1990
@JMess1990, I only consulted many people...
Still going. The down turn is based on news, old news at that.
Thanks dad
+1 回覆
Just broke support. Any new take on what that means from here?
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maxab logline
@logline, I think its just how the overall market is. We can give it some time and wait for it bounce back
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