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Take what you want from my lines I drew with zero purpose. Based off what others are drawing mine seems to be sorta on track with what every other email notification I get every 10 minutes on my phone. Green lines is my guesstimate of where we don't want to go below because I have seen coins drop below the "point of no return" so many times and it shoots up right after for some reason and those people who parachuted out cause it dropped 100-175sats pull their hair out when it jumps 4-700 sats during the 5 hours while they were watching football. I'm not going to be that guy, I'm HODLing since March 2017 with no intention of selling. Sometimes I wonder why I stare at my computer screen for days waiting for that sell price cause when it hits 2500sats I'm going to say to myself "well now lets wait till 5000sats and then it will be 10,000sats so I will just scalp when necessary. I'm riding this wave like surfers get pulled on Jet Skis with ropes behind gigantic 40-60 foot swells on TV. Anyways, I'm bored on Saturday, its cold. Opinions are greatly appreciated, any pointers awsome. I'm still a noob and been in this for a year or so. As soon as you think you know it all there's always something else to learn. Being an expert in your field (in my opinion) means that you stay current and constantly research new methods to do your job and NOT be closed minded to new methods, procedures or ideas to do things better/easier/efficiently. Otherwise we would still have to do swabs at Planned Parenthood. Let that sink in. Stay open guys/gals to new horizons and new levels of financial independence! That's what this crypto revolution is all about!


P.S. Shouts to my plug, his name is "The Verge Currency". Peace up, A-Town Down.
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